Short Introduction

This isn’t my first post, though I’m in the super early stages of my fan hack since I’m at the peak of my FE career.

Yes, I’m not new to FE. I’m actually an oldfrog to this series. I’ve even played and beaten them all too, though haven’t finished FE1 and Three Houses. I’ll post more of my history with FE when I put up my project thread.

I ain’t going to make this long so other than that, FE5 is my favorite FE, Tharja and Eirika are my queens, and ♂Robin and Heroes are the two worst things to happen to this great franchise. Fight me Robin-nerds!:sunglasses:



kris and corrin (both genders) would like to have a word with you
also Heroes is very lenient with orbs so it’s not exactly Fate GO


Heroes is actually interesting to test slavaging bad situations in normal FE I found out.

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