Short hacks?

Right now, the only emulator I can use is unable to save, so I was wondering about some finished hacks that have 10 chapters or less so I can complete in one row.

Use savestates?
Or try adjusting your save file settings. Check if it works with the vanilla game before a hack.

I recommend Legends of Avenir, I guess. 7 chapters per route and you can start many routes from a new game.


Storge is a great short hack. Also has a lot of replayability.


I already played storge, and yeah, It’s quite good

I’ll mess arroud with savestates and so on, but I’m unsure if it will work.

Which emulator are you using? It is easier to get help to provide more information like that.

This one: Personal Game Emulators for Browser
The rest are blocked on the school chromebook. :sweat_smile:

That explains a lot. Well, try to not end up in trouble with your school and have fun.

Oh that’s actually a really smart way to avoid school trouble, it accesses your drive directly so unless someone’s actively digging through your search history you’re good.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Remake (
I recommend this because it is a online website so you can play it on your school chromebook and it supports save. Notice that it may take a long time to load at the first time due to your network.