Shin's patch of fe4 working on pc version of snes9x(1.60/newest) but giving me a black screen on the 3ds version (1.30/newest)

Since I have limited acsess to my computer I decided it would be a great idea to play shin’s patch of fe4 of snes9x on my 3ds. The problem is though it greets me with a black screen even though working on the pc version. Does anyone have a fix to this problem perhaps me getting a different version of snes9x 3ds? Anyone response would be helpful. Forgot to add that i have tried to use other emulators as well such as retroarch which gives me a weird orange screen. Vc inject which also gives me a black screen Twilight++ flashes the nintendo logo then gives me a black screen (blargsnes works but with major graphical glitches and has no emulator features like savestates or frameskip).

Well based off everything you’ve said, there’s no other option for you other than to try another emulator (which you’ve already tried quite a few) Your going to need use a PC or a more powerful emulation device.

This is what I use for all my emulation from SNES, n64, GBA, etc

This is the device, called the RG350M

thanks for the advice sadly I think I’ve tried every emulator(possibly) and at the current moment i can’t buy anything