Shaking portrait during speaking

Hi guys, I made a custom portrait and replaced O’neil with it, I formatted it ok but while he is speaking his eye frame starts to shake, maybe its something to do with the blinking frame but I’m not sure.

My guess is that the blinking frames are not properly aligned.

I’m pretty sure everything is aligned

Post the actual portrait you inserted.


Cycle through the animation frames at the top right, if it’s shifting in game you should notice it on which specific frames using that screen. I had to troubleshoot a few of my own sprites with that issue.

My guess is that the mouth animation frames are misaligned by 1 or 2 spaces if it’s when they’re talking, in which case you would just need to figure out which way to realign the frames and erase/fill in pixels if necessary.

If you post the original portrait sprite sheet like knabepicer suggested, we could verify. Otherwise it’s just educated guesses you’ll receive.

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Thanks guys!