Sev's Sprites n' whatnot

Yo everyone~ My name is Sevyne, but most just call me Sev or Sevy. Recently I’ve been getting into character splicing and GBA FE hacking, so I decided to try my hand at the former. I dunno if it’s unorthodox to start with making character sprites before you conceptualize a hack, but it’s what I did, and I figured I might as well share what I’ve made so far.

Caydren: Caydren Dai’kah: Dai'kah Erra: Erra Far’agi: Far'aji

Inanna: Innanna Kalidas: Kalidas Katriane: Katriane Lucianus: Lucianus

Lucien: Lucien Lucien2: Lucien4Y Raine: Raine Raz’iya: Raz'iya

Roan: Roan Seira: Seira Solencia: Solencia

Feedback would be nice, and I hope you enjoy~


These are a lot better than my first attempt lmao, but as an honest response, they look good, but in some portraits, like the left most ones on both rows, some of the colors are pretty bright, such as the hair in top left and the armor in bottom left.

Ah, thank you very much! Constructive criticism is great, and I’ll be sure to try and adjust the colors a bit, as suggested.

Alright, here are a few thoughts. These are some pretty solid splices, but there’s definitely some stuff you can do to improve them.

  • On most of them, the palette is a bit inconsistent. You’ll probably want to make sure you’re using entirely colors from the same game, for every portrait; I remember seeing a good reference for dark-skinned characters using a FE8 palette somewhere, if you’re worried about that in particular.
  • Caydren: The head looks weirdly far back. Try moving it a few pixels to our left, maybe? Also, he kind of exemplifies my color distribution problem; the central addition on the chestplate really stands out a lot. Also, make sure to anti-alias next to the borders on the new armor parts.
  • Far’aji: Anti-alias the area immediately below the scarf. Without it, it just looks weird and pasted on.
  • Lucien: The red on the cloak looks very weird. It feels like there was meant to be a third shade, but it’s just… missing. The blob on his far shoulder in particular is problematic.
  • Raz’iya: I kind of see what you were going for with the head angle compared to the chest, but it looks pretty weird as is. Maybe try moving the head a pixel or two to our right.
  • Roan: Brighten the lighter shades on the hair.
  • Inanna: The headband doesn’t really look like it connects all the way around the front of the head. It just kinda… cuts off halfway through, instead of fully continuing under the bang.

Thank you so much! Tbh, I completely forgot about the same game palette thing, I was just using the requantinize on Usenti and then going willy-nilly with the colors after that. I’ll make sure to adjust the colors so that they’re consistent with each other, and I’ll work on the anti-aliasing and positioning when I get a chance. Again, thank you~

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Happy to help! It’s always great to see someone new get into spriting, and I’m glad I could help you improve at it.

Adjusted all the skin tones and outlines to the same game style(FE8), and adjusted the remaining colors a bit more as well. I repositioned Caydren and Raz’iya’s head postion’s, and worked a bit on anti-aliasing. Oh, and I added two more charries that I made this morning. (Kalidas and Solencia)