Setting Stave/Staff exp?

I’m wondering if there’s any way to change base exp a staff will give a unit. So far, I’ve only seen one option in the patch menu, but it’s not available because of the skill system patch.

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I thought there was an option in the item editor just like the rest of items

Nah, only seems to be a Weapon Xp option there

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There’s a patch called Staff_Heal_Exp_EA, and it’s compatible with the Skill System. After Installing it, the EXP given by staves will be the same as their Weight. And the heal amount for healing staves will be the same as their Might. (Keep in mind that it won’t be flat rate healing. It’ll be the heal amount + the caster’s magic stat)

Unfortunately, it still conflicts with the str/mag split, so I can’t install that one!

There’s also Set Staff Experience, which allows you to change only the minimum value of staff EXP, which is 10 by default.

The other option would be to sacrifice the str/mag split for your hack.

I see, though unfortunately for my project, I do need the str/mag for it to work. Thank you for the help anyways!