Setting Levels in Roms

Hey! I am working on my first real rom. I have had to scrap a few due to issues that I have now ironed out.

I have a question about setting levels in the Unit Placer. What do I do here?
I know for enemies and new units that I am supposed to set them, but what about units that are already in the party? The same goes for weapons. Do I set anything? or will the game remember from the previous chapter?

Thank you a ton in advance!

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As far as I know, for units the game is loading from memory, all you have to do is specify their character number. The game will disregard the other info from the unit placer and take their data from memory.

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If you are loading characters that have already been in the party, you just need to set the unit number, and the game will load them based on the save data. This includes class, stats, level, and inventory.

It works a bit different if you are loading through the prep screen. The unit placement data that you put in the chapters “Player Placement” section in the unit placer will be used to generate deployment positions. For any units that have set deployment positions, you need to set the positions you want them to be in according their order in the roster. Any other units can be anything. If you’re using FE8 as a base, you’ll probably have noticed that most chapters have a lord and a bunch of Seth clones set as the Player Units. That’s because only the placement positions matter for loading units through the prep screen. As an FYI, going to the prep screen will also despawn any player units that may have been loaded as part of the pre-battle cut-scene.


just got back from a trip, thank you for the advice!