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Hey, everyone. Since I’m taking up spriting more seriously I think I should make a thread about it.
These are not free to use or edit for ANY reason unless otherwise stated; ask me first beforehand if you want to use them. If it’s a mug for a different project, speak with the project lead, not me.
If a mug is stated to be free to use, it is also free to edit.

Already F2U Mugs:
Mugging Blitz (Free To Use)

All of the mugs here are free to use under Mugging Blitz rules.
Some sprites have an updated version by someone else that isn’t mine, but since they’re also free to use and better than my version I implore you to use that one instead.

giffany Giffany - Gravity Falls
My first foray into mugging. Unsurprisingly it’s terrible, not sure what you’d expect porting directly from a TV show’s sprites. I have her on my “will probably revisit later” list.
Scraiza_arla Arla V1 - Resonance
Credits to Scraiza for fixing up a lot of problems with this mug and making it look way better than my older drafts. (which I don’t have atm)
I’m obligated to post a newer version by DerTheVaporeon that was added to Mugging Blitz 3 for Resonance.
image Beta Neimi with Frames
Still better than Tethys.
villager1 (2) Kate V1 - Resonance
Pretty average splice. Credits to AmBrosiac for the minimug and smiling frames.
This is Blueyguy’s revision of the sprite, which I still feel obligated to put here because it’s way better than mine and was also in Mugging Blitz 1.
image Relia - ???
Made for a friend IRL. Unfortunately this mug sucks and I realized how much I preferred FE8’s style with colors. It’s in Mugging Blitz though, so go nuts.
imageamelia (1)garcia (1)image More beta sprites with frames
I made variants for Eirika and Lute with their final colors on the Mugging Blitz 2 page.
image will (5) image Some FE8 shading because I could
Not sure why I did, but whatever, I guess. Again, shoutouts to AmBrosiac for the mini on the FE7 villager, and Eldritch Abomination for the colors.
Can’t remember who I made it for (I think it was LunarisParadox) but it works ingame, so do what you need with it.
Furi Furia - Resonance
The only old sprite I’m actually proud of making. I mean, It’s not good, but easily my best in my old splicing era. Credit to Blueyguy and DerTheVaporeon for helping a ton with it.
brent_1 Brent - Resonance
The first splice I was able to do by myself. It shows, because it’s another bad Innes splice.
image Hawke - A project I am not proud to talk about
He’s just a worse valter lol. Credit to Blade for helping me out on this.
image Marina_Falco Marina - Resonance/Project I don’t want to bring up
Bad splice. Credit to FEier for the mini. The one on this page fixes a trim problem I didn’t catch until Resonance’s hotfix.
image I didn’t even know I made this
but of course I did. Shoutouts to Eldritch Abomination.
image Draco Centauros - Puyo Puyo
Direct sprite rip, unsurprisingly it looks bad in gbafe

Newer Mugs

image - NOT free to use
My first sprite that doesn’t suck! BuskHusker, Imperial, and Jeorge Reds helped a ton with it, though.
unknown Halfbody, WIP, again credits to BuskHusker, Imperial, and Jeorge Reds
Rejek - Shadow Dragon
image - Unfinished, NOT free to use
Grug - The Croods
WIP, not started

Edits for Projects

Do not contact me about asking to use anything here, speak with the project lead for their respective projects.
If the sprite has been updated I will remove it from here.



No need for self-deprecation, you’re doing good work. Keep it up - looking forward to seeing more!




nice to see that you started up your own spritan thread :+1:
Best wishes for the future~


be confident or i’ll kick you out the cool kids club


epic! :hugs:
keep up the grate work

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Welcome to the spritan-with-your-own-thread gang


Working on Parasoul was literally Hell and I combined with IRL drama (can’t say why) leaves me with very limited time now to use the internet so I’m taking a break from it AND discord as a whole. I may drop by some other servers for advice but for now I have this WIP here.


I willprobably use her for Skliros Saga later down the line. I haven’t the faintest clue who I want to replace with her, though


Not mugging related but I made some enemy palettes for Skliros Saga classes:

Battle_Animation_Palette_MonaSagaV10.GBA_010A_1 Battle_Animation_Palette_MonaSagaV10.GBA_010A_2

Greentea/RobertFPY sain and Kent

nephalim harrier
Ayr nephalim and harrier

General without the atrocious silver trim, used the Baron anim but should work for any general anim?


All of my old WIPs are scrapped. However, I bring you…
Two WIPs. Will update main post later.
WIP, credit to FEier and Generic Pretzel

Maylene halfbody, credit to BuskHusker, Imperial, and Jeorge Reds

EDIT: On the note of more shit no one asked for when I found this when looking at FE6 prerelase content:

96 (1)96 (2)96 (4)
The beta villager girl from FE6. Palettes from left to right: Beta, Final, Project Ember. Will format to FE8 frames if requested but I won’t make blink frames. Obviously it’ll be free to use


WIP of Rejek. This will NOT be free to use but I’m not bothering with frames yet. If I do them i’ll edit this post.

Old shitty WIPs, feel free to work with them as you please, theyre free to use

Another note, all of my sprites that are free to use are also free to edit.


image - 2020-09-02T152723.982
Finished rejek. No mini because minis unironically make me want to die.
It’s not free to use. BuskHusker helped a lot with the neck too.




I generated made some maps with FEMapCreator

image image image image

If for some inexplicable reason you want one of these DM me and I’ll send a tmx.

There’s also this for One Screen Mapping Blitz:
Download the TMX here.


Due to complications, a new policy going forward with my mugs is that anything new I make will no longer be Free to use unless it’s an older mug. Unless you have my explicit permission or you have helped me on the sprite itself, you may not use it.

image image
So if you have used these mugs in your project, I’d like to ask if you could remove it effective immediately unless you have my permission or you worked on the sprite itself.

Additionally here’s a WIP of a new mug. Credit to Nero for helping me with the eyes.mugbox_1_34


I’m quitting spriting. Archive this thread. F2U stuff is in the main post but nothing in the newer mugs section will ever be F2u


Locked by request