Separate Anima Ranks in FEBuilderGBA?

Is there an existing FEBuilderGBA patch for FE8 USA that allows separate weapon ranks for Fire, Thunder, and Wind? Or do the various existing AnimaTriangle patches already do this?

The patch is available in FEBuilder. It’s called “Anima Triangle” in the patch menu. You can adjust the list for Fire Wind and Thunder tomes from the patch menu as well.

I don’t think that the AnimaTriangle patch creates brand new weapon ranks, so every spell will still be part of Anima. You can still make unique Wind/Thunder/Fire mages by using a patch called something like “expanded weapon lock” to only allow certain classes to use specific spells (I think the patch automatically gets applied with SkillSystems). You could also override Light and Dark magic if you really need separate weapon ranks, but that’s not ideal. If you’re just using FEBuilder then I don’t think there’s a good solution without making some kind of sacrifice, but other hacking methods probably let you keep everything with a bit of extra work.

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