Seeking up-to-date "skip Hayden scene" FE8 world map event

This is really frustrating me to no end. I can’t progress in FE8 modding because after ch0 (or right at the beginning of ch0, if I insert custom world map events), the event where Hayden talks with Eirika for the first time plays and then the game hangs at the end of that event (the scene background is still shown with music still playing, but pressing any button does nothing). The FE8 eventing wiki says to use the following to skip it:


ORG $A3C860
IFET 0x88
IFEQUAL 0x1 0xC 0x0
CALL NewEvents
WM_LOADLOCATION2 0x0 0x0 0x0 //Might as well load Border Mulan here (optional)
WM_LOADLOCATION2 0x0 0x1 0x0 //Like CREATENEXTDESTINATION except silent and instant
_0xA640 0x0 0x0 0x01 //like MOVESPRITETO except silent and instant

but EA gives me this error when I try to assemble it:

File SkipHayden.txt, Line 2, Column 1: No code named IFET found. File SkipHayden.txt, Line 3, Column 1: No code named IFEQUAL found.
Is there an updated version of this event which works with current versions of EA anywhere? I searched for it in the SOA dropbox as well as on FEU, but SOA is old enough that EA was substantially different back then. I’m at my wit’s end here because I have no idea how to skip this game-breaking scene that everyone else seems to have no problems with.

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Try adding
#include EAstdlib.event
to the top?

That cuts it down to one error:

File SkipHayden.txt, Line 5, Column 1: No code named GOTO_IFEF found.

but, weirdly, GOTO_IFEF isn’t even in the .txt file…?

change it to CHECK_EVENTID

I should probably add that bit to the wiki so people don’t get stuck more

When I did this, the events assembled just fine, but it doesn’t get rid of Hayden.

Is there a step that I’m missing?
(also, I’m a little confused as to why IFET became obsoleted. For the purpose of older tutorials still working, can’t you just make it do the same thing as CHECK_EVENTID?)

Check the LordSplit events. I think the Hayden chat is actually in there.

Good idea, but I disassembled the LordSplit event and its only contents were:
ORG $A3C888
I assembled the SkipHayden event to $a3c888, but Hayden still isn’t getting skipped.

the actual chapter events, not the world map stuff

I wrote to the location of the Hayden scene in the LordsSplit events ($9FF354); now the cutscene is skipped but the game either hangs on the LordsSplit map in an infinite sequence of FADIs, or GameOvers after the first FADI. I switched to a vanilla FE8 rom to make sure it wasn’t a problem with my rom, but got the same result.

I don’t even know what makes the SoA one work anymore