Seeking New Class Graphic Artist(s?) for Sanctaea Chronicles

Hello again, everyone. Von here. I recently released the first fully playable build of my SRPG Studio game, Sanctaea Chronicles, and am now starting to move into the presentation upgrading phase of the project.

Those of you who’ve been keeping up with it are probably familiar with the work of my artist, Furan, who’s been making new halfbody portraits for the game:

Looks good, doesn’t it? But there’s a bit of a problem. You see, the RTP class graphics that the game is currently using aren’t consistent in appearance with these new class designs Furan and I have cooked up, and Furan is already occupied enough working on the halfbodies. Meaning that if I want to upgrade the class graphics that are currently in use, my best bet is to recruit at least one additional artist onto the project to make new class graphics based on the art Furan is already producing.

Before writing this request thread, I did some calculations for how much work is going to be needed for a full overhaul:

For charchips (map sprites), I’m going to need 94 new sets, with a set consisting of 4 graphic sheets (player, enemy, ally, waiting) of 15 map sprites organized like this:
Bandit (M)

For motions (battle sprites), I’m going to need 86 new sets, with a set consisting of 3 graphic sheets (player, enemy, ally) of battle sprites organized like this:

The new graphic sheets will need 15-45 rows (for melee, depending on number of weapon types) or 5 rows (for bows and magic), with the amount of sprites in each row varying based on the needs of the animation. If you want an idea of how the battle animations are set up to move in the engine, think something resembling the Jugdral games.

The map sprites as a whole would resemble the kind seen in Fateswakening, much like the halfbodies already being worked on. The battle sprites would ideally resemble an extension of that, roughly the same size as their RTP counterparts

If this all sounds like a massive order, I know quite well that it is. Which is why I decided it would be wise to consult you guys about it first to get an idea of its feasibility.

If you’re interested in taking on the challenge and joining my team, please let me know in the thread responses along with whatever amount of money it all will cost me by the end. If you aren’t able to join or are unwilling to do so (and I don’t blame you if that’s the case), then feel free to direct me where I can shove it find some artists who might be.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long post, and good day. Let me know if you have any other questions.