Say Hello and my first animation

Hi all, I’ve been a reader for a while and now I’ve created two battle sprites. I always think about a “weaponable staff” do, I made an animation for Trorbadour and Valkyrie where the staff is used for attack not only for healing.

The base sprite for troubadour is made with ponytail


I’ve also designed different battle animation faces. My idea was to create a Trobadour Lord with this different faces.

Using two of this faces, I’ve created full animations, staff and magic staff for troubadour and staff, magic and magical staff for valkyrie

Finally the link:

Feel free to use, edit, improve… It’s my first work so… I think it will have a lot of bugs. Please, dont’ be cruel XD


Hi and welcome!
These faces look pretty cool :ok_hand: and are a good first foray into spriting.

I really like the headpiece! Very nice. I look forward to whatever you make next.
Also, hello!

I will use this, I liked it very much. I also want a Troubadour Lord

I created two different faces more similar to the last modification with a tiara. There are just a mixing of faces but… I think the resoult is fine.


These look pretty good but on the first portrait the hairband needs an outline

I’ve modified the horse used in troubador and Valkyrie to one similar to sacaen horses. I add images as example


It is a crazy combo, I like it, a lot. Gives them a lot of personality.