Saving datas and item icons

Hi everyone.
I have few questions about the FE GBA Builder.
The first one is about the save commands.
I have created my first chapter which is payable however, when I arrive in the second chapter, my units suddenly disapear (I use the load returning units command). So somewhere I have to insert à command I often see in some chapter which is the one starting with “SVAL” but I dont know what data I must put in the “value to store” section.
Or maybe I have to do something else in the event editor ?

And the second question is : how can I change and add some weapon icons ?
I already saw YouTube tutoriels about this, but it’s with FE7 datas. Still I tried adding FE8 datas instead but it doesn’t work… (btw, I use the GBA graphics editor tool)
Is there any simple way to add new icons ? Or can someone give me some help to use this tool…?

Thank you for your help ! :blush:

Load1+enun loads new units, while load2+enun loads party units. Perhaps you killed off your units in the end event for the 1st chapter? Clear all units won’t kill them, but disa on units will.

Icons click yellow circled thing and add new ones. All items follow the same palette.

In feuniverse discord there’s a help channel for questions like this if you need it. You can also send a report.7z if you’re stuck on something and someone will usually get back to you the next day.

See this thread for report.7z details or join the discord.

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