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Hello FEU!

I’ve been spriting for quite sometime now. Recently, I’ve been getting into making FEGBA sprites. Here is my most recent work from the start of 2021 up to November 2022:

Most Recent/Recently updated/Finalized Work

FE Custom 2_CustLord 11_27_22
My OC Haizea as a lord

FE Custom 3_CustGLord 11_28_22
Haizea Promoted

FE Custom 4_CustLord 11_28_22
Mage Lord

FE Custom 5_Thief 11_28_22

FE Custom 1_LuciLord 11_14_22

Kinda old stuff

Cl_002A_Rogue Noble
Hapi-esque class design(FE16)


Lancer/Spearman/Spear Fighter





Shield sword fighter

Custom Mage

Dark Mage(FE13)

FE Custom 8_Grkn 4_17_22
Custom Great Knight

FE Custom 10_Knkn 5_14_22
Knishi Knight(FE14)

FE Custom 19_Swdf 9_10_22
Female swordfighter /w shield

FE Custom 21_Fenc2 9_18_22
Female fencer

FE Custom 22_Advn2 10_13_22

Planned projects/revamps:
Updates/remakes to all sprites in Kinda old stuff
Dread Fighter
Custom Ranger
Oni Chieftain
Master of Arms
Blacksmith/Heavy Sword & Axe class
Custom Sentinel
Ranged attacks for various sword classes project(Not yet started)
…and other stuff!

Old Title Post!(2020-21)

Custom Mercs Enlarged
A set of Mercenaries somewhat based on Fates Merc Designs. Figuring out the arms was tough since I wanted them to be puffy.

Some of my old attempts that I plan on remaking:
Farah GBA Still Up_2
The main lord for my own project. This was my first real attempt at the style. I’m considering just making her a sword lord when I redesign her for fun.

GR Eirika Foot GBA Up 1
A Great Lord Eirika Infantry inspired by Nuramon’s Ephraim Great Lord Infantry. The arm on our right is too skinny, I’m aware, but I think I did great on every thing else. She uses Swords, Lances, and Dark magic!

Some Ideas that I play on/might make:
A custom Fighter
A custom Berserker based on Three Houses’ Warrior
A custom Mage
A custom Mage Fighter
A custom Dark Mage(Warlock)
A custom Druid(Sorcerer)
A redesign of the War Monk/War Cleric
A custom Hero based on Three Houses’ Hero(I actually like the design)
An Infantry Valkyrie for my project(uses swords and light magic)

Feedback is appreciated, and I can take requests if it interests me! ^^

Current Collage- October 2022

Dark Grey- Old Sprite
Silver- Old Sprite that won’t be updated/slightly updated
Blue- Updated Version of Old Sprite
Green- New/current version of Sprite
Red- Sprite planned to remade/heavily updated

More sprites will be posted every now and then!


Looks awesome!

yo someone needs to animate that eirika great lord it’s so good

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it does.

The Eirika great lord should be able to use either bows or anima magic since the ephriam great lord uses axes, lances and swords.

I’ll consider giving her more weapons when I revamp it. Staves will be one of them.

Thanks for the comments, again!

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I can not wait to see (//∇//)\

Female mug incomplete

Female mug incomplete

Been practicing FE GBA mugs to get better at drawing faces.


That Great Lord Eirika is super good wow

Some stuff that I’ve been working on:

FE Custom F Mercenary
First, an updated version my custom Mercenary with various changes made thanks to feedback!

GR Eirika Foot GBA Up 1
Made some corrections to the Great Lord Eirika that I made, so if anyone wants to try and animate it, it’s now more in line with other FE sprites.

Now for actual new stuff:
FE Custom F Fighter
A custom female fighter based on Three Houses Brigand.

FE Custom M Guardian
A custom class called the Guardian! It can be used as promotions for soldiers or mercenaries!

And a little something for fun:

An image that serves as a guide for all the sprites that I want to do, as well as a list of all the animations I plan on using for my hack. The blue boarders are for placeholder animations until I get to them, the purple boarders are for the replacements, and the red are for animations that won’t be replace. I have a base sprite set by flasuban that I want to try and animate as my first attempt at FE animation. The sprites that I’m talking about are besides the eliwood sprites.


Hi! I come bringing stuff!

FE Custom L Mage Noble Class Line

A custom lord design! She uses magic and swords.

FE Custom F Adventurer

FE Fates’s Adventurer! Right now I only have a female base, but I plan on making a male one too!


FE Custom 1_Merc
Updated my custom mercs. May make a hero still for fun, but I’m gonna focus on swordmaster first.

FE GBA Animation WIP Preview 1
Also I’m starting animation. Magic animation seemed like the best to start out with, in my opinion. Although making the smears is gonna be a pain.


This is so cool. Eirika should have been more like this; then she’d be best Lord.


FE Custom Confidence to Edge
Edgy Swordmaster promo. My inspirations were Vergil, The swordmaster from Fates, and Shadow the Hedgehog.


FE Custom 2_Swordmaster
Now with SatsuI mean A female version!


FE GBA Animation U Kinshi Knight_3
FE GBA Animation U Kinshi Knight_2
FE GBA Animation U Kinshi Knight
A FE GBA Styled version of Fates’s Kinshi Knight! Animating this would be a nightmare, but if anyone wants to collab with this, I’ll be down!


Eirika T2 11_5_21
T1 Lance Class2 11_4_21
T1 Sword Class2 11_3_21
T1 Sword Class1 11_2_21

Various stills that I’ve done over the week! I want to get back to animating soon, but for now I’m getting more used to the style after awhile of not spriting.


Eirika T2 11_8_21
Just need to make the twin sword, but otherwise, she’s ready to be animated!


FE Edit 1_Fight 2_5_22
FE Custom 1_Merc Full Set 1_30_22
Eirika T2 Edit 1 1_7_22

A small dump consisting of all the work I’ve done this year from up to down:
A (hopefully final) Edit of my custom Mercenary!
A custom Fighter Edited for MK404’s FE9 fighter!
An edit to my Eirika sprite to match her original proportions more
And finally… A large guide I made for myself for Eirika basic sword attack!


Instead of constantly updating this topic with just stills, I’ve decided to make a collage with all my sprites that I’ll update every month in my OP! I’ll still post WIPs of Animations and Portraits, tho.

FE Sprite Still Collection 2020-Feb2022
Dark Grey- Old Sprite
Silver- Old Sprite that won’t be updated/slightly updated
Blue- Updated Version of Old Sprite
Green- New/current version of Sprite
Red- Sprite planned to remade/heavily updated