Saga of Spirits: Eon's Compass


Basically we mean level design. Determining the size, terrain, units, reinforcements, etc.


I feel like that isn’t something just anyone on the outside would be able to determine/help with; there’s too many factors (story location, player unit composition, chapter number, etc).

… Then again, you did say you were looking for people to join, so I guess they would be fully integrated into the process lol


Of course! We try make sure to get everyone acquainted with things first before just tossing them in the deep end. :slight_smile:


Touched the demo, default keybinds are very unintuitive; eventually I found how they can be rebound, however you should at least present the default controls to the player until you can reach that screen. Engine seems incredibly solid though, I’m interested to see where this project goes.


Tried out the demo, overall i really did like it as i was always interested in the idea of making your very own army and just send them out to do stuff. Kinda do wish i can choose how my units look like instead of re rolling the appearance.