Saga of Spirits: Eon's Compass


Basically we mean level design. Determining the size, terrain, units, reinforcements, etc.

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I feel like that isn’t something just anyone on the outside would be able to determine/help with; there’s too many factors (story location, player unit composition, chapter number, etc).

… Then again, you did say you were looking for people to join, so I guess they would be fully integrated into the process lol


Of course! We try make sure to get everyone acquainted with things first before just tossing them in the deep end. :slight_smile:


Touched the demo, default keybinds are very unintuitive; eventually I found how they can be rebound, however you should at least present the default controls to the player until you can reach that screen. Engine seems incredibly solid though, I’m interested to see where this project goes.


Tried out the demo, overall i really did like it as i was always interested in the idea of making your very own army and just send them out to do stuff. Kinda do wish i can choose how my units look like instead of re rolling the appearance.


Hello again! This is our March progress update for Saga of Spirits: Eon Compass, a fangame based on Fire Emblem organized by our esteemed programming lead, Sadness/Sandy
Though school and work are keeping most of us busy, that hasn’t stopped our team from making some more progress this month! Here is a rough overview of what we’ve done so far! :slight_smile:

Current Progress:

  • Art

    • 37 classes and playable characters have received concept art
    • Cavalier, Pegasus Knight, and Wyvern overmap sprites completed
    • 9 classes and playable characters in production
    • Official portraits of playable cast in production
  • Writing

    • Script drafted up to chapter 3x (Chapter 4 in progress)
    • Side/secondary characters currently being pitched and confirmed
  • Gameplay

    • Early game maps in production (concepts and layouts complete for 4)
  • Music

    • Drafting instrumentation
  • Programming

    • All movement skills implemented (Shove, Smite, etc)

And lastly, you can follow our overmap sprite progress here!


If you’re interested in joining the team, we’re always looking for anyone who’s interested and can lend a hand, but in particular we’re currently in need of:

  • Art
    • Pixel sprite animators (for both overmap sprites and GBA-style battle sprites)
    • Map terrain spritesheet/tileset creators (pixel art)
  • Sound/Music
    • Composers
    • SFX Designers
  • Playtesting
    • Dedicated playtesters, both for finding bugs and for testing game balance (preferably able to actively playtest often and follow the documentation formatting)
  • Programming
    • Programmer with a Mac and Game Maker: Studio 2 to build for Mac
  • Writing
    • Beta readers and editors
  • Gameplay
    • Gameplay focused playtesters

This concludes this month’s update! This one was a bit less meaty than the last, but expect the next one to be more substantial! :smiley:


Here’s a note from a team member!

" My name is kdports, and I’m one of the lead map designers of the Saga of Spirits: Eon Compass team. Although we have a significant number of maps conceptualized, approved, or implemented, I’m here to show off one of my personal favorites today.

This map, taking place very early on in the game, finds Farren and co. in a precarious position. Although some of the art is obviously still a work in progress, this map provides a variety of opportunities for various rewards in the form of villages scattered throughout the map. However, the drive for loot comes at a cost: reinforcements will continuously spawn at the two sets of two forts at the top of the map, and stream to the south in an attempt to overwhelm the player.

Clearing this map isn’t particularly difficult, it’s only a 2 turn walk to the boss after all. But only the best players will be able to reach all three villages and clear the chapter. Oh, did I mention that all four of your starting units are essential, and any of their deaths is an automatic Game Over?

I hope you’ll enjoy playing through this map and others during your journey through Erideill!"


Things have been slow because of some real life complications, but we’re still pushing forward! Here is a rough overview of what we’ve done so far this month! :slight_smile:

Current Progress:

  • Art
    • 39 classes and playable characters have received concept art
    • Map tilesets in production - water tiles mainly
    • Official portraits of playable cast in production
  • Writing
    • Additional characters have been pitched and are currently under revision
    • Support drafts are being written and reviewed
  • Programming
    • All movement skills implemented
    • The prologue and chapter 1 have been implemented
  • Gameplay
    • Additional skills and items have been concocted and are in the process of being implemented into the engine
  • Music
    • Instrumentation for one of the three primary nations solidified
    • Sample music tracks have been composed

Shoot me a message if you’re interesting in contributing or working as a beta tester for the engine! Have a great day!

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