Sacred Overhaul VII


Mind if I add them to the community repo? They aren’t the biggest thing ever but it’d be great to have them!


That’s perfectly fine with me. Anything I upload I usually intend for public use anyway.
Here’s the link


They’re all files with no extension. Are they supposed to be .pngs?

Never mind, I edited .png to the ends of everything and they look great! Thanks!


Yes, sorry, they were still in whatever format it is that FEditor spits stuff out as. Its been so long since I’ve done these that I can’t recall if I took any creative liberties with anything, but hopefully it’s helpful


Going around necroposting and making irrelevant, single sentence posts isn’t going to do anything, nor is it funny


I reply to new posts when I think I should. I’m not out to get you. I’m not going to stalk you and doxx you, I’m just going to clarify things, try to contribute, and possibly complain about things such as necroposting a 4 month old Project that someone hasnt worked on, and doing so with something that barely qualifies as a sentence because they can’t be bothered to actually explain why this person should start working on it.
I’m not out to get you. None of us are. We just have the same right to free speech as everyone else.


Alright, I’m not mad, we all have our moments where we lapse and do something stupid. I’m no exception. Just work on it, okay?


get this out of my thread please