Sacae Light Sage Portrait Sprite request


Okay I’m working on a light sage Sacae portrait sprite for my hack. I have some stuff done already but I have a few problems going on. The program I use is great for creating a nice base character but the format is all wrong. When you resize and change to the right file png not jpg everything get’s all messed up. I am most definitely not a talented artist unfortunately. So I have a request if one of you could help me with this character it would be much appreciated. I have two pictures one I believe is the correct size and right format but to my frustration it’s not the right palette when I try to change it to the desired palette it gets all choppy and icky. I’ve tried and failed to do that myself many,many times, anyway the next picture is not formatted to the right size but it is the correct file. The one that is not the correct size has the correct palette and my sad attempt to draw feathers and earrings on her to make her look like she’s a Sacae character. If it’s not to much trouble could you fix her and make her clothes look like a Sacae light Sage. I will provide a picture of female Sacae character for inspiration and I will also try to add a correct size of the picture with the correct palette for you. Thank you so much in advance.

Correct size-png-not correct palette

Not correct size-png-correct palette

correct size-png-Pallette has to many colors
when resized it and tried to change it to 14 colors all the important colors got deleted :confounded: so I deleted as many as I could for you

A picture of Lyn a female Sacae Character for clothes and accessories inspiration
The clothes I got from Ninian it was the only light sage and sacae close looking thing I could fine. This character is a mysterious character. Her and eyes must be all white with a silver tinge. I need her to look as much sacae looking as possible. Thank you so much in advance for your help.


Well, just throwing this out there, most portraits use 15 colors + 1 for the background.

Also don’t use that portrait generator, but if you’re going to insist on it, resize your images to 50% directly off the original export. If it appears as an option, make sure to select Nearest Neighbor in resizing.

Hope this helps!


I don’t really do portraits, but I can at least format it properly.

Now it’s the proper size and format to insert, so you should have an easier time editing it. You’ll need to make the talking and blinking frames (and minimug), too.


what do you mean, that mini is perfect as is


I dunno, there might be room to improve it.


I’m probably only happy with the leaves.


The program I’m using is called character creator and it’s a java script program it doesn’t have an option tab as far as I know I’ve looked. I’ll take a look in it manually and see if I can change it that way. Thanks for the info.


I totally agree! It’s freaking adorable lol!


Nice job thanks for the help, very much appreciated. ^-^


Very nice she looks so much better now. Thank you let me know if you need any help with anything if it’s something I can do I’d be more than happy to help out in return.


I’ve looked into that Jar file sooooooo very complicated if I focused on trying on how to understand that at the moment my hack would never get done lol. I’ve sense looked on the internet and found a more promising program this even makes it a png and a more suitable size. I shouldn’t have to much problems with this one thank you for that advice if it weren’t for that advice i would of never known this program existed.


Well frankly I’m not certain about the existence of any other character makers, but you could’ve exported the png from CharacterCreator and resized it 50% and that would’ve netted the same result as manually altering the javascript. Glad to be of some help though. If I may ask, what was the name of that other program you found?


“but you could’ve exported the png from CharacterCreator and resized it 50%” How exactly could I’ve done that I’m not experienced with these things sorry >.<. The name of the new one doesn’t really have one in the download link it’s called sprite maker and when it’s extracted it’s called summer project. It’s limited resources the person who created it I don’t think could finish it so there’s not many things to choose from. When I get the chance I’m going to try and figure out how to add more stuff to it.


Late reply, sorry.

You can use and set the resize to 50%. The quality has to be nearest neighbor if I’m not mistaken.