Russian Translation Of FE7?

I wanted to translate FE7 into Russian language: The dialogs, items, classes, names…

But I don’t know how, can anyone please help?

First of, you should be prepared for a LOT of text. A translation is easier thought than done and you should be prepared to invest a LOT of time, even in a team it takes months for a proper translation.
But if you really want to start, you can edit the text ingame with the good old FEditor and graphics can be viewed via GBA Graphic Editor. If you need to change the font you should look into this topic. There you can find the offsets for the font used in all GBA FEs.
I think that’s all the programs you’ll need, the rest is up to you.

I’m currently working on a german translation of FE6 and FE4 with my team, so I know what I’m talking about here.

EDIT: Oh and think about the names and their meaning. For example, “laus” is named “Lahus” in the german version, cause a “Laus” is the german word for “cootie” and Bern was also changed to “Biran”. I think they changed it, because of the world championship 1954 in Bern where germany won. It was such an amazing event that every one here in germany call it “The wonder of Bern”.

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  1. Get the character map which the game used
    If you translate it from an English version, nothing is painful, but if from the Japanese version, it is a painful thing thanks to the Kanji. You will need to recognize them one by one. Of course someone has already done it. What’s more, some games have more than one character tables, like FE5.
  2. Find the pointer table for all texts
    Already found.
  3. Extract the texts
    2 points:
    a) They are Huffman compressed.
    b) They are not pure. Some controlling codes are also in them.
  4. Translate the texts
    Nothing to say.
  5. Add new fonts
    If you cannot find the fonts you need in the rom, do it.
  6. Generate a new charater map
    If 5) is done, then 6).
  7. Reinsert the texts
    You can insert it in a compressed form or uncompressed form. Remember to modify the program loading the texts if in an uncompressed form.
  8. Modify the graphics which have texts
    For the remained texts, like the chapter titles.
  9. Test
    Not an easy job, in fact.

That’s a huge project so you may need a team. I think it a standard procedure.

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Yeah, even if you use the (U)-version and FEditor the text editing should be complicated since russian use the kyrillic system, which Feditor dosen’t support. So you have to replace FE7 native alphabet and remember which letter is which kyrillc one.
I remember this form the german fantranslation of FE4 and it can be a pain in the ass.

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