Runesword softlocks

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue?
Now before hand in this video the runesword worked 3 kills before.
So I don’t understand why dmg is being calculated either.
Skill system patch is installed.


So looked through the game files and events and I still can’t seem to find out why this is happening. And it seems to only be with this unit. So I have reordered some of the events and units and am still trying to figure this out

Perhaps it’s an issue with the animation?

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That’s what I was thinking. But it’s the original animation

Does the same thing happen with animations off? If not, it’s definitely the animation (even if it is vanilla).

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I’ll definitely look into it

I will say the problem I’ve noticed is it may be the Nosferatu animation

What skills do the units have?

I don’t have any clues myself, but I did notice the “Miss” seems to have popped up twice when the enemy missed? Or is that just some kind of bug with the recording

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I will definitely look for you ASAP

I noticed that as well. I thought it might have just been me or the recording. But it happens every time when battling that unit. Unless the attack hits. Fighting other units of that type does not yield the same results

you can try this patch.

NAME.en=Fix dodge to front glitch
INFO.en=Fix a freeze bug in CSAcreator's dodge motion(MISS)
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I don’t exactly know how to do that…

If you search in FEBuilder in the patch section you should be able to find it. Or just go to Tools -> Patches then in the search box type dodge and it will show up for you. I just checked.

That makes sense

So I tired the patch and the error happens some of the times. After play testing over and over it appear that the glitch only happens if the unit misses and a few other things happen. Like idk how to explain it but it’s very rng much

“It didn’t improve when I put in the patch”, is that correct?
We need the save data and ups just before the bug occurred to investigate the cause.
If you are using FEBuilderGBA, please send me the report7z.

The trick to creating the last save data is to use state save.
Make regular state saves and recommend the game until just before the problem occurs.

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I have sent the ups, savestate, and report7z. However I can not recreate the problem and I do not know why

This is because the attack motion of ClassID 0x20 Souless X2 is broken.
This is because C01 is used incorrectly.
Immediately after C05 is C01, but after that is C04.
This is not good.
Should transition to C05-> C04-> C01.

11 p- lorm_sp1_003.png
4 p- lorm_sp1_011.png
3 p- lorm_sp1_012.png
4 p- lorm_sp1_013.png
C05                               #Call spell associated with equipped weapon
C01                               #NOP <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< remove THIS.
C04                               #Prepare HP depletion routine; needed to animate return to standing frame after hit; Magic only.
3 p- lorm_sp1_014.png
3 p- lorm_sp1_015.png
2 p- lorm_sp1_000.png
C01                               #NOP
C06                               #Begin opponent's turn after code 0D.
C0D                               #End of dodge animation. preceeded by 0x06

I will attach the corrected data.
Importing this data into the Dark Attack Motion with Class ID 0x20 Souless X2 will fix the problem.


Thank you 1000s times I was starting to think it was the class animation but hadn’t had time to look into it. Thank you