Runa Does A Thing (7 chapters, cancelled)

What is Runa Does A Thing?

You may be asking, “Hey, what kind of stupid hack is this? You didn’t even put Fire Emblem in the title you dumb idiot.”
And the answer to that is shut up and play the damn thing.

Runa Does A Thing is an original FE8U hack made using the magical powers of buildfiles that has all new characters, maps, plot, music, etc.
Basically it’s not another FE8 reskin.

Features include:

  • As previously stated, a whole new story (so you don’t have to press START during The Fall of Renais like you always do)
  • Skill Systems (because if every infantry unit doesn’t have shove then what’s the point?)
  • Original soundtrack (that I know some dummy’s gonna try to take without my permission uwu)
  • I think there’s like 29 planned chapters, but either way there’s only four right now so go figure
  • Remember when I said Skill Systems? There’s like two custom skills
  • Super inflated hard mode bonuses and gameplay changes between difficulties so Difficult actually sort of means Difficult
  • Did I mention the music? It’s like the one thing I’m okay at please like it ;w;

So if you’re gonna brag about the story, why don’t you give us a summary?

Alright, so there’s this girl named Runa. She does a thing. Play the hack to find out how it ends.
Now have some screenshots.

Alright, I read through your stupid topic, now give me a download link so I can open this up in FEBuilderGBA

Fine, but let me put the credits first.

People who are actually good at what they do and helped me not suck Nintenlord - Event Assembler The Blind Archer - sword/axe knight sprites Alusq - new Soldier sprites Agro - runa map sprites DerTheVaporeon - sunset/snow fields palette LaurentLacroix - mugs Kirb - fourth page skill system edit CirclesEverywhere - tmx2ea, NMM2CSV/C2EA, S2EA, textprocess_v2, contemporary talk/support, danger zone, casual mode, chapter names as text, hp bars, ok for real what didn't circles do L95 - horse map sprites Teraspark - pal2EA Hexator - FEditorAutopatches Leonarth - less annoying fog Tequila - range display fix ZUN - title screen music (scarlet beyond a crimson dream) soleil-musique - combat preparation music (whispers) P33RL355 - Jon mug Lord Glenn - Jiufeng Icon Oracle of Fire, Alfred Kamon - axe wyvern animation jewel master - enemy phase music (fish out of water) marcio diego - sequenced enemy phase music (fish out of water) SaXoR - shadow dragon stat screen Everyone who ever made a fix for the fe8 essential fixes patch Everyone who ever made a skill in the Skill Systems

the following tracks are original, please don’t use in other projects without my permission
-sunrise in the east
-bitter hindrance
-legerdemain knoll
-no theatres
-ward away
-early mystic march
-dadaiko heartbeat
-lurking terror
-solunar winter
-emergence of them
-fallen friend

if i didn’t credit something (or you want specific credit) tell me okay ;w;

Download link (updated 8/8/18, 8:00):
Runa Does A Thing download

This demo contains Chapters P - 6. If there’s bugs, whoops.


i love it

Has good potential, keep up the good work.

I like the music. 62/10 :smiley:

We’re still alive! Just been trying to wake up Runa for two months, is all.
The next demo should be out July 31st/August 1st!


After some problems, both personal and technical, the demo is finally here! (a week late)
This demo covers chapters P - 6, and is only missing a small amount of text and some mugs!

demo download (patch to fe8)

PATCH UPDATE (August 16th): Killing Ballam in Chapter 3 now doesn’t make Runa not load


Hey,Ive played the first couple of chapters and everythings been great so far.I was just wondering,is neun recruitable?she looks like she is but i dont see a way to do so.Ended up letting her live and finishing the chapter.

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I’m assuming you recruited Saum before you did Neun.
In that case, :wink:


Okay, so RDAT is cancelled.

I feel like it would be a complete waste, if all of its music were to go along with it…
So, I’m making all of its music free to use. It’s fifteen completely original songs composed by yours truly.
Read the readme, make sure to give credit, but go wild. I don’t care how you use it as long as you tell everyone I made it. ;0
please read the readme seriously


That’s very generous of you to share your musical work, thank you for doing so.

Even though you couldn’t be able to finish making your own hack, if you did all this by yourself it’s a real good effort. Not sure if in the future you may get into making one again, I hope that it’ll be something really worth finishing to you.

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Great job, when are you finishing this hack?


Please respect the dead.


Please don’t bump threads for memes like this, especially when the creator has said that it’s dead.

Locking this thread. Runa, if you have more to say, please contact me.