Ruin Tome Icon

Helloooo you lovely creator reading this, I have a request that I want to share out for those who are good at making item icons. I would definitely love to see the Ruin tome created in a GBA style.

This is what it looks like, for those who need a reference of what it looks like if you actually do wanna create one. Also if you want to, you can make the tome to your own art style of interpretation since I know plenty of you out here can be great with that!

It isn’t necessary for me to request a battle animation of it but seeing it in GBA style would be pretty dope!
Thank you for reading my request.

The primary issue is that the GBA’s weapon icon palette lacks a purple:

Also that’s not Ruin-- Ruin is a V-mark:



Oh really? Huh, I thought it was since I recall looking through the different dark tomes.
Must’ve had the wrong image, whoops! Thank you on that correction.

But awesome! THANK YOU!

That’s so dope, I see you added a nice coloring touch on that second one and it just makes the design pop out more. Bummer the color palettes lack the purple but hey it’s all good to me, at least it’s something.

P.S to other readers. Ya’ll welcome to save the icon if you like, just make sure ya’ll give 2WB here some love for making it.