[Rough Concept] New Idea Behind a Possible Str/Mag Split

I was just thinking, like, ideally we’d want 5 bits of information for Magic.
Now consider Con and Mov; really we just need to store these boosts. But if we hardcap either the boosts to 7(3 bits) or 14(storing the number of +2 boosts in 3 bits) for con and +3(2 bits) or 6 for mov, then that liberates 5 bits for magic. Then we just need like 0x100 bytes in RAM to load and refer to the magic of each unit, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to find (iirc @Icecube knows where I can get my hands on some good ram). Maybe we can take some space from other places, but really the data is pretty compact as-is.

Though this could be game breaking if you want both many body rings(such to allow for >+7 boosts) AND ways to have boosted con not by body rings (so not increased by a multiple of a constant) . . . then this might not work out.

Can I get people to shoot questions/comments on how this might not work (or will) before I go any further?

you’d also have to make the statscreen work

iirc the entire reason that NL’s str-mag split didn’t work was because he didn’t allocate enough RAM and he used a similar approach

I thought some part of the section he allocated was being overwritten by itself or something, which was why the stat would randomly jump…

but I don’t really remember

I was thinking of just using the part of nintenlord’s code that did the stat screen modification.

you should just study tonc like i’m doing and learn it properly

Maybe! I’ve always hated graphics, but maybe I won’t if I study them.

Could making CON work like every other stat free up the necessary space? As in it’s just a number that increases instead of boosts.

And the way down the road, if we actually got all of those SNESFE features, we could make a build of FireShell for people who want to go that route, SuperShell.

That would probably be even more difficult, since at the moment CON is read from class data

I have an idea. Couldn’t you repurpose resistance like the magic stat like FE5?
Are guys goibg to split anima into fire,wind and thunder, or will anima be one stat? Also will they be positioned? Like FE4 or FE5?

Already been done.

Anima split you’ve always asked about, and it’s still not happening. You can functionally do something similar with the PRF weapon arrays by locking anima spells to a class (i.e. Fire Mage) but they share a weapon rank.

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You realize this has already been done right?

And no, no one is making FE4/5–

screw it i’ve been ninja’d

Okay. I will do that thing with the fire mage. By the way, I found a patch of FE8 with a working Str/Mag split. Here:


Click the button that says ‘ダウンロード’. Apply the patch to the Japanese version of FE8. Easy mode has been replaced with a duplicate Normal mode to prevent some item glitches, but I choose the middle Normal, just to be safe.

And I know that Nintenlord made one, but its not complete. You cannot highlight the magic and staff weapon levels though. I tried that one first.

Why are you posting that here exactly?

I just found it and it had the split, so I thought I should post it. I read someone was looking for a Str/Mag split in FE8 somewhere.

It might have some merit solely for the fact that we can reverse engineer it. Have you made sure it works by playing through some chapters, checking formulas, looking at 1-mag/2 range staves and editing growths?

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I played it up to chapter 2. But I think when you promote, the stat screen looks the same. I didn’t try the staves thing yet though.

EDIT: Staves work. Just tried it. And promotion screen looks just the same as the original game. Magic works fine too. There is a Falcoknight that uses Swords, Staves and Lances. And you level up after Level 20, up to Level 30. I played it past Chapter 6, and everything works fine. Long ranged Staves work too, as well as long range Magic.