Rom Hack setting magic to 0 issue?!

I’m attempting to create a ROM hack for me and my friends to play but there is an issue that keeps happening. Whenever I start the game the magic stats are all fine. However once I get to the second chapter they are also still working fine, but once I save, then reload that save all the magic stats on all characters become 0… I have no clue what is happening.

How are you doing this? I’m going to assume you are using FEBuilder and if you are I suggest creating a report and posting it in the FEBuilder thread link below on the forum or posting it under #febuilder_help in discord for FEU.

This is the EMS is broken.
Reinsert SkillSystems and it will work correctly.
For some reason, your ROM is missing a routine that loads Mag.

Yup I did just that and got a response on their discord!