Ristar - Composer and Arranger [Commissions open] (Also, eventually will probably post my in-game music)

Hello, I’m Ristar.

I’ve been composing and arranging music for 4 or so years, and while I can still get better, I’m posting here because rom hack music for the GBA has always been fascinating. Before this, I just did Pokemon rom hack music for about 2 or so years, though I keep on getting interested in more and more sound formats.

I know how to operate within limitations, and I can either arrange or compose a song or two for a game. Unfortunately, there’s already passion projects taking up my time (Pokemon Scale and Fang for one), so it would likely be for a commission. The price range is broad just so it could be affordable while also taking into account how many hours of work and fine-tuning is put into the finished product: $20-$500.

Looking forward to seeing what amazing hacks everyone can make!


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