Rip to Ferdinand von Aegir

Okay so… you’ve probably already seen this on Twitter or Reddit or something but thought I’d say it here

Billy Kametz died of cancer today at 35

He’ll always be Ferdinand von Aegir in our hearts… Rest In Peace

Btw keeping the post as short as possible because kinda hard to think of much else to say and think it would be best to cut right to the chase


Long live Ferdinand von Aegir.


Damn he died at aged 35 that just really sad that all those years to live on was all taken away from him. May Billy Kametz found happiness in heaven.


man he was such a talented voice actor, why do the most talented always die young?
I most remember him as the VA for Naofumi from Shield Hero and of course good ol Ferdie. Man first Gunter’s VA and now Ferdinand’s doesn’t get to see their work released, may he rest in peace