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Sup everyone. So I just finished the final act of inuyasha and i want more and unfortunately there isn’t anymore. So I wanna make more. I’ve wanted to hack this game for a while now but havnt had the right story idea to get over my fear of coding and computers until now I believe. Total disclosure I suck with computers, they stress me the fuck out and I’m definitely gonna mess some stuff and probably ask questions that there are already answers to on this website, please don’t get mad at me just point me in the right direction.

Ok so here’s the beginning idea for the story. Takes place like 10 or 15 years after the last episode of the final act. Rin has been living the village with Kagome and crew and is all grown up now. She decides now that she’s older that wants to leave the village to rejoin seshomeru and travel with him once more because now that she’s older she believes she could be of use to him (but let’s face it he doesn’t need any help she just misses him and he probably misses her too).

That’s pretty much as far as I’ve gotten with the story but I would like the game to include alot of our favorite characters from the show like a also a grown up shippo, maybe miroku and songos kids, grown up kohaku, 30something year old Kagome, and of course inuyasha and seshomeru as well some new characters.

The chapters would consist of her and her crew fighting their way through feudal Japan against bandits demons and some other antagonist that makes the story fresh and interesting. Alrite so let me know wat you guys think. Would y’all be interested in a game like that? Anyone wanna help with story ideas and whatnot? Il take any and all suggestions as far as the story goes since it’s in very early stages. Thanks

Firstly, please use paragraphs. That was quite irritating to read.

If you wish to make an Inuyasha themed FE hack, it is possible. I don’t recall seeing too many Inuyasha fans around these parts, but there are plenty of tutorials on how to do the hacking part of things. If you need story ideas for your hack, you may be better off looking at an Inuyasha forum for ideas.

Alrite I fixed my post. Hopefully it’s a bit easier to read now. Thanks for the info and feedback

I thought this was about Rin Tohsaka for a second.

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Dude, I know that you want to show off your idea to people but the general consensus on most Fire Emblem forums is that you gotta have something to show for it to catch peoples attention and get them to help you, because to be honest people are not very inclined to help if all you have is an idea, I suggest learning a bit more about FE hacking and making a prototype and then you could ask the forums for help with making your vision come to life.

It’s an interesting idea that hasn’t been done before just put some more thought into it is all and please don’t take this personally.

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No worries. I appreciate the input. I’ve been a member of this forum for a couple years now but havnt really been active as far as posting. I appreciate the advice on etiquette for posting I guess you would call it. I just came up with this idea last night when I posted so I really just wanted to put it out there and see what people thought of it. Il try my hand at making maybe the first chapter or 2 and put it on here. Dunno when that will be though