Rey's Ancient Amenities

********This topic is still being updated********
(I’m in the middle of stuff and editing this post off and on)

Hi, if any of you remember an old fart like myself I’m making a topic for all of the things I made or contributed long ago.

I just don’t know if it’s worth sharing again since it’s… like really primitive compared to everything by today’s hacking standards

Some of this stuff is LITERALLY a decade old.

Someone on the FEU discord said the following:

No matter how primitive something is, archiving is important regardless.

So here we are.

Multi-Lord Seizing Patch

Blazing Sword: More than 4 Sacred Weapons Pre-Battle Effect

Nomad Trooper F with Ranged Sword Glow Crit
FE6 Vanilla:

Fixed Animation:

General Sword Ranged Sword Glow Crit
FE8 Vanilla:

Fixed Animation:


sup old man

that’s all i got; i remember using nearly all of these