Hey, I’m new here and am currently in the process of creating a new hack. I apologise if this question has been asked already, but it is in regards to the resources available in the fe repo. I am a decent way through my hack and have been using some of the resources available in the repo (namely portraits) and I just wanted to know if everything in the repository is free to use or if there are any exceptions. My 2nd question is in regards to credit, all the portraits have names next to them, should I just credit using those names for each respective asset I have used? Thanks.

yes everything in the repo is 100% F2U with credit since that’s essentially the purpose of the repo.
As for credits generally you have to list everyone who’s assets are in your hack in some way (accessible in game or not). for portraits specifically yes the names labelled on the file are the names you have to credit. for things like battle animations there’s usually a credits file attached to the folder/zip that has everyone you need to credit.

you can also find basically everything you need to know about graphic assets and such here, it should actually be pinned for you at the top of the page.

Hope this helps crediting others for their work is very important so it’s good that you asked for clarification when confused, just be aware that genuine mistakes will most likely be forgiven so don’t stress about it as long as you feel you’re keeping track of credits.

also welcome to FEU!

Thanks for the quick reply, very helpful.