[Resolved] Stealing Gold and Weapons

I am sorry if this has already been answered.
I was wondering, is there a way for you to steal gold from enemies, and add an animation to it? I already have an animation for it, so I would like to know if it can be implemented, without ASM hacking. Anyone knows how? I already know that Nintenlord has a patch for weapons stealing. Can I add an animation to it?

Only when gold is the item like FE8-style “500G” items.

Nope, not easy at all, even with asm hacking.

Nintenlord’s patch doesn’t account for equipped items/item weight, FYI. Blazer did a complete FE9 weapons stealing that I emulated in one of my asm hack(though very badly).
Same answer to the animation.

Can’t you just have the stealing system pretend there’s a dummy item on the enemy and steal that instead? You could probably even have the item actually appear in the target’s inventory with a randomly generated name, like “186 G”, which would of course represent the amount of gold available to steal. Or something

maybe don’t give any enemies a full 5 items so there’s always a free slot for gold stealing

Well, yeah, but… losing flexibility. (Though since we can only load them with 4 items it might be worth a shot)

It’d be more like “if they have 5 items you can’t steal gold”, but that is kind of tacky.

You could, however, not have to worry about that anyway if you displayed the dummy gold item over an item that was unable to be stolen. Assuredly an enemy with that many items would have one that can’t be stolen…such as the one they are holding in their hand

Lol, treasure deposit enemies that only have 5 treasures to steal, lol