[Resolved] Hidden Status 0x8

Anyone know what the hidden statuses are (Byte 0x0D in the unit struct)? The codebreaker codes page gives

-= Hidden Statuses =-

Replace the “ZZ” with one of the following numbers:
00 - No effect
10 - Has Afa’s Drops bonus
20 - Will drop last item upon death (last item is flashing green)
30 - Has Afa’s Drops bonus AND drops item upon death

This value is also a bit map.

But this doesn’t give any of the ones in the LO bit. Specifically, I’m interested in the 0x08 bit.

Byte 0x1D is the unit’s MOV bonus, I’m pretty sure. Do you maybe mean Byte 0x0A?

I know that the 0x01 bit in Byte 0xA, when set, indicates that the unit is seeking healing. The game checks for the 0x08 bit set at the routine at $08034EDD.

Er, I meant byte 0x0D, not 0x1D. OP has been edited.

Ah, right, 0xC in the unit data is a whole word for status bytes - 0xD is part of that.

Yeah, and I’m interested in the bitmap that the 0xD byte entails. Is there any documentation on this that I’ve missed, is what I’m asking.

From Nintenlord’s Notes:
1: Hidden status: 10 = afa drop, 20 = item drop, 08 = in ballista

So I guess that answers that about 0x08