[Resolved][FE7] Abilities table

Hi there, I am looking for a way to edit abilities.
I searched for a table using the classes table, but it’s only related to hex values.
But for example, I was looking for a bunch of values built to make the Magic sealing ablility. Such as 0A for the range etc.

Are these ability datas known? (I may have not searched enough.)

The class abilities aren’t so much organized in a table as just read when they’re needed and acted upon accordingly.

It’s really interesting to figure out how the magic sealing works though! Anyone know anything about that?

I’ll try to find how other abilities might work. Some with more related datas such as locked weapons should be easier. Or not

All the locked weapons’ checks are done in one place. And they’re also circumvented/obsoleted by @Venno’s prf array/weapon lock hack.

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