[Resolved] Define who the main character is

Let’s say that i’m starting my hack, and i throw in my first chapter 3 allied units at once.
What determines who the main character is, in those 3 units?
Thanks in advance!:smiley:

Whichever one is lyn


oh i guess you might be able to alter the status screen with the leader byte in your events but idk if that works for player units

iirc it’s actually whichever one is loaded first and is a PC

this has nothing to do with seizing though

I’m using Fire Shell actually, and i setted the charater i want to be the main character (i know it doesn’t affect seize) to 0x01 (Lyn_t isn’t it?) but it selects another character to be the main.
Actually i even loaded the units in different times, but unloaded them and loaded all of them in an unit LOU1 right before the battle: i don’t think that affects things, but…

try changing the leader byte? or just make one of them lyn (lyn_t is 0x3 iirc i don’t remember if arch set fire shell to start in eliwood mode)

Fire Shell does start in eliwood mode.