[Resolved] Death Quotes

Yeah. Here i am again with another question. Sorry guys xD

I’m using Fire Shell, so i’m in Eliwood Mode, just to point it out from now.

Well, i have a problem that i hate so much: DEATH QUOTES.

Just, the ones of the bosses don’t want to trigger and i don’t know why. I don’t know what else i can say, it’s just it. xD I tried with either Part 1 and Part 2 of the Modules, but they don’t work… I setted the chapter, the Ids and those things all correctly, but the quotes don’t show. If i can write something else to clarify my question i’ll try. Thanks!

this happens to me fairly often–when it does, I elect to do them via events instead

Via events? Interesting. How can i do it? Is there a guide?

try searching “death quote”, top right hand corner

Thanks. I’ll definitely try it!