[Resolved] Animating Sprites

Sorry if this has been answered already.
Is there someone that could give me some tips on how to animate cavaliers, thieves and mages? I tried animating, but it is moving all over the place. Can anyone give me some pointers? THere are some sprites I requested that are in battle sheet form, that I would like to animate.

have you tried just pasting them in a different place

uhh yeah? I try to put them where they are supposed to be, but still they are moving all over the place.

I think I found a solution. What is the speed of a regular animated FE sprite?

what does “moving all over the place” even mean

you know you’re supposed to paste each frame into it’s own image file, right?

I know that. I mean that some sprites stay on the same spot and move about, and I can’t get the animation to look smooth. I know every frame has its own image file.

I think he’s just been pasting things into a frame willy-nilly.

Tordo45, probably the best thing to do would be to rip the animation using something like ScreenGet (disabling layers & some graphics hacking to get rid of the extra tiles in the way) and then pasting your frames over the ones you ripped. If you’re after frame timings, Cam made a battle animation script converter that can be used to get the timings. Please make sure that you carefully read each of the links I’ve given you and have a go at doing them before you ask for more help.

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You mean you’re not pasting the sprite over the previous frame properly? Look for something that doesn’t change between the two frames and line them up. When the sprite actually changes location, it’s a little harder, but it is just a bit of trial and error.

Another way to do this is to use a program that allows for layers and… opacity? (That is what the slider says, but people say that is the wrong word so idk)

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If you have gimp (which is free) or any other gif editing software, you can separate frames and figure out positioning from the rips. Doesn’t have rips of the lords though.

You could also just pause (crtl+p) VBA during the animation in question and ctrl+n and screen capture to get down the positioning, though that takes a lot more time.

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Okay. That helped a lot. Thanks!