Requesting some animations and missing class cards

Hello, I’ve been lurking on these forums for a while, and more or less am familiar with the resources (discord, drive and the herokuapp webpages, on top of the repository topics). I’ve created an account, because I need a bit of help. While I’ve tried spriting / animating and suck at it, and I need a bit of help for a hack. I’ve got almost everything figured out, and want for every class to promote to two different clases (FE8 style) without any overlapping, which means I had to insert a lot of custom classes.

However, I’m missing a few things that I cannot find (probably because they don’t exist since I’ve scoured the forum and drive already) that I would like to request from anyone bored enough to take a shot at it.

Class cards for:

  • Ayr’s SoA Alt Griffon Rider (With Axe).
  • Ayr and Raspberry’s Griffon Arbalest (With Lance).
  • Leo_Link’s Barbarian.
  • Leo_Link’s Trickster (with Sword).

Extra animations for:

  • InvdrZim13’s Harrier animation wielding a lance.
  • Seal’s Bonewalker Legion unarmed.
  • Female version of Nuramon’s Grand Paladin (Only lance and sword needed).

Additionally, I’m missing a few classes I have some concepts for. These would also require their respective class cards and map animes, so they’re the ones that take the most work:

  • Templar, a Monk promotion that wields Light and Lances. Lightly armored infantry unit (something like the Hero or the Halberdier).
  • Warlock, an Axe and Anima wielding Brigand promotion which would be stylized similar to Leo_Link’s Barbarian (think bone horned helmet and animal leather, something savage looking). Another infantry.
  • A Staff wielding Troubadour promotion (no Mage Knight or Dark Knight as those are already in use). I have no idea what to do for this one, so take as many liberties as you wish. Regular Valkyrie already wields Anima, Light and Staffs, so try to keep it a bit different. My only request is that it stays as a horseback unit, although I guess Pegasus could work too (no Staff Falcoknight though, it’s already in use). Perhap’s something like InvdrZim13’s Deva?

I am currently prioritizing the missing class cards and the extra animations for the already existing classes, and I understad that doing classes from scratch is a work that takes time, so if someone wants to do those they can take their time. Thanks in advance!

Hi, welcome to the community!

I hope you do realize that undertaking an animation can be an incredible amount of work, which based on your post, you do seem to already know. Without monetary compensation or reasonable progress into your hack, you may not find any luck getting people to make animations for you. If you don’t have money, maybe try to garner interest for your hack before asking for animations? Class cards are a bit easier than animations, only needing one frame, but you still need to motivate people to make them for you.

I’m not trying to be rude, sorry! Just trying to explain why it might be somewhat hard to get someone to help in your current situation.


Thanks for your reply, you didn’t come off as rude in the slightest. I understand that animations are hard work, I was just throwing out some ideas since most of the animations seem to be cavalry or sage-like units and there’s almost no love for Axes. I’m currently implementing the new classes, balancing growths and abilities and all that jazz. Once I’ve finished all the technical legwork I guess I will start making some playable chapters to upload a demo.