Requesting a portrait/mug sprite maker & potential system maker

Hi! I’m a very new member of the community (have been trying very hard to learn the mechanics of FEBuilderGBA) with my limited experience so far I’ve successfully made a semi-reinserted cast of custom characters into the original plot.
As of now, I wish to create my own FE universe where I can bring my custom characters into complete life. Unfortunately as I’m no good at making sprites, what I can do at this moment is no where near how I envisioned my cast to be… I’m hoping to hire a sprite artist who can do portraits/mugshots of my cast for me, the price can be negotiated so hit me up with an offer in any way! (On a side note, it would be amazing if I could hire an animator for my mage lord, at the moment the pupil/mage line animations are looking a little bit generic, some other custom classes I’ve got in mind may need animation to be possible)

As I’m quite new to the community, I’m really keen to try out some exciting engines I’ve viewed. Unfortunately I’m in mainland China, where google drive, dropbox, etc. are completely unable to be used, so I couldn’t try out and experiment some of these exciting functions. I’m a little bit ambitious in my hoped project so I’m wondering if there is a perfect engine available or if I could hire someone to create one for me… I’m looking at an FE8 engine where personal skills and general skills are available, as well as str/mag split so physical/magical fusion classes are an option (like dark fliers, war monks, etc.). I’d also like to implement a few different class lines using beaststones (like the lagooz from Tellius games, just different animal tribes), and a side-quest/paralogue function where the player can enter and complete a various paralogues/series of side-quests to recruit new characters and/or obtain personal weapons. This may sound like too many things jumbled together but the core gist of my project is to create a cast where different units should be deployed on different maps (e.g. desert maps with many enemy ballista/snipers where it’d be much more efficient if optional mages were recruited, turn defend maps where the mage lord is pure garbage and protecting the lord from hordes of reinforcements is part of the chapter’s gimmick, and even paired chapters where the cast splits up and units deployed in the first chapter cannot be deployed in the second one). I’m personally against the idea of entering the game and select the 12-16 units you want to bring in the final chapter and smash all exp into them, so I figured giving each character small niches as part of their distinctive characteristic, but also making many maps more demanding in a certain area to balance everyone’s viability. With all this ambition I’m really a little lost on where to get started, so if I could hire someone to prepare an engine mixing different patches and potentially writing a few new skills or personal weapon mechanics, it would be greatly appreciated.

Febuilder default skillsys comes with skills and STR/MAG split.
It also isn’t downloaded from Gdrive

Ah that part I’ve already found! I’m more curious regarding the compatibility of the skill system if I wish to implement more weapon types.
Thanks for your help!