Request to do animation



We can’t see your dropbox link mate.


ok i go repar wait

Isn’t that the Sagittary class from Elibean Nights?

Pretty sure the Sagittary is on loan from FE7x (pretty sure it’s called Longbowman there) with permission from BwdYeti.
You’ll have to ask him if you can use it.


This is 100% accurate. Thanks for clarifying, prime!

Without authorization to use the animation, anyone using it without permission would be committing theft and would be subject to punishment under FEU’s rules.


sorry but i send one mensage to BwdYeti and no send me answer you could send one mensage for me Arch?

I believe Yeti has plans to release the animations after 7x is completed. If I recall correctly he made a special exception for Arch, considering he has a good track record for FE projects, if Yeti wanted everyone to be able to use it right now, it would be in the animation directory

Right, well, if Yeti hasn’t responded to you then the default answer is “no”. Accordingly, the use of such an animation, especially one that was spriteripped and recoded without permission is against the rules of our community.

Unless Yeti messages me (or another mod) saying that it’s okay, I think that this topic no longer has a purpose. If any of the parties involved have a problem with this, you can always reach me by PM.