Request for portraits

Hello, I am currently working on a hack called FE: Raven Mode which is going very well so far, the only problem is that I am at the moment limited by the portraits in fe7.

I currently am on the lookout for
a masked recruit able looking bandit portrait (Think Legion in terms of design)
a young bors

thank you if you choose to go through the trouble of making these I will obviously credit your work and I’d prefer it if you made them f2u so that multiple people can use them

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I’m really confused. Young Roy and young Lilina both already exist in vanilla FE7; I’m not sure why you’re having trouble with those.
By masked bandit, did you mean like this one, also from vanilla?
There is this ice dragon in the animation repository:
And there’s a lot of mage animations there, I’m sure you could find one that suits your needs.

I’m sure I looked through the portraits of fe7… Dang

well either way thanks for the pointer oh and the masked bandit I was asking for was more to be like a playable character that you recruit from the enemy. Sorry for the trouble.

Well I reiterate that you’ll probably find something that suits your needs in the repo:

You can make one! it’s not difficult and pretty fun once you’ve gotten the hang of it. Usenti is particularly nice for how bare bones it is, and how you can simply hit “Requantize” to scale the number of colors back to 16 if you just paste something in. Gimp is free photoshop. save frequently, but it’s great.
portrait template spaces
look up BSPalette Assembler and FE Recolor as well.

thank you for the tip, I’ll try it out.