Request for map

Hi, I’m currently trying to make a Garreg Mach map on GBA based on the Map in Chapter 12 in three houses. However, I couldn’t find a full view of the map anywhere online. To get to the point myself I would need to create a whole new save file and play for a few days. If anyone is up to/near this point and could record a whole view of the map (Phone recording works too if it’s clear enough for me to make out everything) I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

Edit: Just to clarify, I am NOT asking anyone to make a map for me. I can do that myself. I am asking for someone who is near that point in the game to give me a reference picture/video since playing up to the point is tedious and I cant work on my hack during that time.

It’s no full game capture, but here’s the grid from the objectives screen.

It should be enough to adapt to a GBA tileset, as long as you remember that purple is balista, blue is water, the stairs are stairs (obv), and the green is forest.


I don’t want to be one of those people, but if you already know what the end product of your map is then what’s stopping you from going into Tiled and making it yourself? It shouldn’t be anything more than a matter of tile placement and it seems like such a basic skill that every hacker would need to know it to at least enough of an extent to make a rough draft. Is there simply not a tileset that has everything you need? Because in that case it’d probably be more productive to request the tileset rather than the whole map.

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Don’t think OP was asking for someone to make it for them, just asking for a reference image since they were unable to find one online and didn’t want to replay 3H up to that point. Can hardly blame them with how tedious Part 1 is after a few playthroughs…


My mistake. I thought the OP was the one who also posted the image.

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Unfortunately that wont really help me. Of course it works as a rough outline but I still need to know what part is grass, whatt part is path etc. But thank you anyways.