Repairing Prep Screen Promotion hanging

So I ran into an issue where promoting units in the prep screen caused the game to hang. After some help from @CT075 and @Venno I managed to fix it.

An as of yet unidentified program is modifying data at 0xBDCE2C and tinkers with pointers that the promotion routine needs (Credit to @shadowofchaos for the offset). Here’s what that offset should look like for the next 0x18 bytes or so:

03 00 00 00 FD B8 06 08 03 00 00 00 29 B9 06 08 03 00 00 00 8D B9 06 08

If you experience this problem, try copy/overwriting that to the offset.

[11:41:40 PM] Cam: probably should just flag that area as a “wtf” thing
[11:42:06 PM] Primefusion: haha

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Seriously, we don’t know what’s causing it.
Dream of Five had it a LONG time ago.

[2:35:41 AM] Cam: some program
[2:35:42 AM] Cam: actually
[2:35:47 AM] Cam: wiped out that data
[2:35:56 AM] Jeff: why was there a chunk of random free space there
[2:35:57 AM] Jeff: huh
[2:35:57 AM] Cam: like this is beyond stupid dumb luck corruption
[2:36:02 AM] Cam: stuff actually got wiped out
[2:36:23 AM] David Hyatt: it replaced a pointer with FF’s even
[2:36:27 AM] Cam: ^
[2:36:33 AM] Jeff: That it did
[2:36:37 AM] Cam: wtf are those 64’s

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