Relic's Videos on FE Design, I guess

I’m pretty passionate about the topic of low unit counts in FE, esp in romhacks and the like, so I made a video that tries to explain my thoughts on the matter. It’s my first time doing something like this, so I do stutter a lot, but hopefully if I get more practice it’ll stop. (yes I am copying pandan’s format, tried video editing and I got almost nothing done in 2 hours so powerpoint it is.)


Relic’s Online FE Design School for Lockdowned Teens


I know I made a new thread for the last one but I’ll just put these here from now on.
In this one, I talk about map size in hacks and fangames.


I think a good thing about a powerpoint presentation video is you can click through the video to get some information about the content. Your bullet points only states the topic of discussion which kinda defeats the point. I want to see the size of the maps and why they are good/bad. Bits of your strongest opinion helps too!


these presentations need cool and wacky animations

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This is a bit different of a topic, focusing on representation. In hindsight I think I missed some stuff and the video could be better, but I think it does a good job encapsulating a lot of my general feelings. In addition, I’d like to request that IF YOU TAKE ISSUE WITH THIS VIDEO, DO NOT POST ANYTHING ABOUT IT IN THIS THREAD. DM ME OR COMMENT ON THE YOUTUBE SITE ITSELF, PLEASE. I don’t want to start anything in this thread.


Squid representation in Deen.


trans chars are the coolest

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Did a video on my opinions on fog of war.

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