Regarding map tiles size and format

i tried to look around, but i just got few infos by doing so, therefore i’ll just ask here:
if i understood correctly, a single map tile would have a size of 16x16 pixels, but also be created by putting together 4 smaller tiles with a 8x8 size?
regardless, are there size limits when putting together a sheet for map tiles?
could i just make, for example, a bunch of 16x16 tiles and put them together in a sheet, or would i need to do something else too in order to make them available for use to anyone else?

i’m asking because i recently came up with an idea, but before proceeding i wanted to have more specific infos, as i’m not really interested into coding or similar stuff, but rather i just want to edit and put together 16x16 map tiles.

[edit] also, are there color limits just like with portraits?
or one can add any tiles of different palettes, as long as each tile does not go beyond 16 colors?
as for animated tiles: what would be the proper format?
can i put together different strings of frames on the same sheet, or i need to make different sheets for each animation tile? and how many frames are usually needed for an animated tile( i guess 3 would be the minimal )?

Each walkable square is 16x16 pixels or 4 tiles.
Each 8x8 tile must correspond to one of 5 palettes you use for your tileset. Each palette has 16 colours.

If you use only 16x16 squares in your tileset object image, you will have space for 256 squares. However, if you properly make use of fegba’s formatting, you can combine and rotate the 8x8 tiles to have up to 1024 squares. (512x512 instead of 256x256.)

I don’t know much about tileset animations.

Check out this guide for making images into maps:


so basicly if i use an image that already has a 16 colors limit, i don’t have to mess with the 8x8 mini tiles since i can already work with the 16x16 pixel ones.
i suppose that creating and posting a map would probably be the faster way to share some ideas, but at the moment i’m working on specific tiles for some map variations, something that i don’t see often around here.

as for the sheet, i suppose that the default limit would be 256 squares composed by 16x16 pixel tiles.
that would be a size of 128x128 in terms of length, wich means…2048 pixels on both sides. well, that’s bigger than i expected.
by the way, do you need to have all the terrain tiles on one single sheet, or you can scroll around different sheets and pick whatever you want to make a map depending on the program used?
i’m asking because i just want to understand what’s the proper way to implement map tiles on a sheet, or if it’s straight up better to just make a map from 0 as reference.

thanks for the help though, much appreciated~

Your math is wrong. 128 squares one way and 128 squares the other would be 16,384 squares (a 4x4 grid is 16 squares).

i already tested some stuff, so i decided to move on and edit some maps directly.

there’s still one question that remains though: how do animated tiles work? i suppose i could make a gif eventually, but i’d like to gather more infos on that first, before doing anything else.