REDFE - Yes, Roy is in this game


Whoa, Celice! It’s been a long time! Thought you were dead.


I almost was after a car sideswiped six months back. Got lucky all I had was a broken wrist.


I don’t know whether liking your comment means “I like that you almost died” or “I acknowledge your pain and am glad you survived” but I’ll take my chances.


Thanks for the offer, but for the most part I tend to make my maps on the fly. I don’t plan too much and I’m too fond of adjusting maps as I make them.

I do tend to be pretty lazy when it comes to making maps pretty though. I’ll definitely have to get to you on that.

Hope you enjoyed it so far (and if you haven’t played the demo, hope you enjoy it)!


It’s been a blast but here we have REDFE’s endgame complete.

Thanks for everything, everyone. Hope you enjoy this!


Praise the sun! The completion I’ve been waiting for.


The download link is broke


Hop on to the discord linked in the OP and grab the most recent release from there.


Okey dokey, thanks!


Can anyone share me an ups file? The ones in Op is broken (and no discord link pls) i’ll be grateful


I’m not sure why you don’t want to hop on the discord but here, have a patch.


Thanks. I hate “discord” because of “tell me what to do”


What does that mean?


Alright, it’s been a while and since we had some time before FEE3 due to the delay, I took a look into working with Zane’s (currently unreleased) minimug box.

I’ve done some tinkering and I’d say I’m down to three options I’m relatively happy with. I just wanted to see what the people player it thought. We’ve got three options.

Weapon only.

Skill only.

Weapons and skills.

While I’d love to have both skills and weapons displaying, it’s a bit squished. Just something we have to deal with, working with a 240 x 160 screen.

Anyway, vote for what you’d like to see in the game. Just click this for the poll.. I’ll take the votes into consideration when deciding what to use.


It looks like weapons and skills can almost fit without issue. You only need a few more pixels of room. Is expanding the box to the right by 2-4 pixels out of the question?

Also, I’m not sure putting only DEF is a good idea. DEF and RES together seem very important. I’m not sure including half the battle stats is a good idea at all, since if you need to look at them, you’ll also need to see all of them anyway. Seeing what item and skill they have is more relevant quick-glance information. I feel like including half of the battle stats is a waste of room that could be used for… something else.


Uh… I disagree. I’m really not interested in knowing how much Skill/Speed/Luck/Con someone has if the AS and Hit are already there.

I wouldn’t worry so much about skills OP, especially since you’re bound to have multiple of them. I would personally only include the equipped weapon. I wonder if @Zane could also make the hack so that the little bubble appears above the units as well, with the bubble including additional info like skills? And have the ability to toggle this on/off in the options?


DEF switches with RES on every 64 frames. Skills also switch on that same interval.


Oh, then I think that’s pretty good :smiley:


Oh, seriously? I actually thought it would be neat if the stats changed. It’s cool you did that :open_mouth:
Gif of it in action?