REDFE - Yes, Roy is in this game


Not quite a strong enough red, but if I feel that the lack of bow users is actually enough of a problem, I can throw him in. I mean, I was already considering Macellan and he has no hair.


Progress is going well enough. I’ve been busy but I think I’ll be sending something in to FEE3.

Been doing some work with map palettes. The first was me experimenting with colors, the 2nd is what I think I’ve settled on for now.

I’ve also been cleaning it up, doing some bug fixing…

These have been fixed but yeah, still plenty of things to clean up before I show progress off at FEE3.


Finally got around to fixing the Radd


Looks great


This does not need fixing tho. I mean, he IS Scary.


Lukas is now in the cast too :slight_smile:


Is it really RedFE without the ginger stud himself?


Nothing is ever complete without a stud IMO


Yep, we’re still alive. Progress has been going pretty well, I’ve even sent in a copy of REDFE to FEE3.

We’ve had some small issues here and there but those can be dealt with. We’re even getting to the point of the game where people can start promoting!

I’m feeling like the first public demo will be released fairly soon, probably before the end of the year. At that time, I’ll make an announcement but for now, here’s one last image.


Lukas’ combat sprite is blue?
0/10 absolutely unplayable.

Looks good, looking forward to this.


Battle palettes are one of those things I’ve put off forever, it’s one of those things to do before the release.


Hi, I’m back. REDFE received more praise than expected at FEE3, but we’ve been working on the project to address the feedback given. We’ve got new maps, some older maps that didn’t get replaced have had changes. Of what was seen in the presentation, C1, C4 and C5 have all be modified.

Aside from that, there’s been more work done on the project, including the finished palettes! Bluey is the one to thank for these, cheers man. (Also, yes, we’re using the Salvaged Cavaliers.)

We’re still looking towards that release this year, we have some cleaning up to do but progress is looking decent.

One last thing; We added a new character to the early game REDFE cast. See if you can guess who they are.


A new character? Dude, that’s totally Raddical.


Since when are new characters possible? Does this mean I can stop using (B Emoji)irika and (B Emoji)phraim?


…Since like 2008


Reskin hacks have been around since the dawn of time. Cavemen were making FE7 reskins several million years ago.


I see what you did there.


We finally have a public demo. It’s still a WIP in progress, but there’s enough here to play and thus, enough to release.

We also have a discord server for REDFE, the link’s in the OP of this thread.

E - v1.0 replaced with v1.1. Nothing really new, just some small fixes and a bit of balance. 31 downloads from here for v1.0 before it got deleted.


Whoop! Looking forward to the complete work!

Midori is very entertaining to me, this makes it even more dope.


Hey there, I’m excited for your project! I shared the Midori and Girls hack years and years ago and I recently saw someone translated them to english. I been playing Midori with the translation and saw you were working on a Red project.

I made maps for hacks in the past and if you want some help, I’d love to make some for this project, especially if it means helping out. There’s some old pics here

I’ve done maps for other games and mods too. Lemme know if you’re interested. Keep up the awesome work!