Redeyesblackdrag0n Reskins

An unimportant hack that let’s you play every different kinds of lyn. You got nomad trooper lyn, a magic user lyn, a tanned lyn, the cool lyn, the gotoh lyn, a better unit lyn, and alot of lyns.



  • beat the game with sacae classes
  • slight gameplay changes
  • harder gameplay
  • black fang members now a complete threat

only lyn and eliwood modes are playable, hector modes and kishuna side quests are unedited.
also skip cutscenes they might contain crashes and bugs.
Story is unchanged this hack is more focused only on gameplay.

report bugs or somthing whatever

Unfixed glitches:
*you must only promote eliwood lyn after cog of destiny if on eliwood and lyn modes or it could revert back to lyn’s base class


Now FE7’s cast is literally Lyn’s Legion.

Edit: I think there’s something wrong with Florina!Lyn. She has 4 con and 16 aid, while both Kent!Lyn and Sain!Lyn have 5 con and 20 aid.

Edit 2: why does Eliwood!Lyn and Hector!Lyn have the same stats as vanilla Lyn? You could’ve given Hector!Lyn a bit more defense at least…


Lyn’s Legion. That name does holds up really well in this hack.

since this game’s units just breaks everything with literal gods e.g. sain trooper, dorcas swordmaster and also fe7 easy game that just ruins the difficulty entirely. I’ll give it a harder gameplay patch same as fe6 that will pump up the difficulty a bit for the next update.

Early game feels difficult already lol
Lots of characters with weak bases having to dodgetank and crit lance enemies to death.

yeah on like chapters 20 above you can just literally mow down enemies with sain+marcus that chapter 21 can only be finished in 4-6 turns

High strength nomad for the win :sunglasses:

Update v.1.1.0 patch notes
-Dancer class can now heal
-Myrmidons, Nomads and Troopers has an ability to steal
-Jaffar Swordmaster with killing edge changed to steel sword cuz he murders everyone and steal ur exps
-Nino Shaman with Luna changed to Flux cuz she wins agaisnt the monk
-Ereshkigal changed to 40 uses
-Eclipse now 60 hit
-Sol Katti has 30 crit
-Flametounge doesn’t negate defenses
-hector modes are still buggy

Boss Changes
-Eubans can now move in range and has runesword + horseslayer ENM either runesword or horseslayer will drop depending on the ai, on EHM he drops a hero crest instead of the weapons
-Uhai has now brave sword + killer bow on ENM and killer bow to brave bow on EHM
-Lloyd and Linus has now runeswords
-Darin has now brave lance and a hand axe
-Kenneth has now purge and berserk staff
-Jerme has now wo dao on both modes
-Ursula has now physic and fimbulvetr if you want to 1v1 her
-Maxime has brave lance on EHM
-Sonia has berserk staff on both modes
-Georg has now sword slayer on both modes
-Denning has now brave bow on both modes
-Limstella has bolting, excalibur and berserk staff on both modes

Excalibur isn’t a bit too much? lol

Also I don’t know if you changed it on the new version, but Shamans just gain +1 con and no more stat bonuses on promotion. I really liked that you made Canas!Lyn a Druid though.

tried fighting with limstella her bases are extremely strong but it’s pretty manageable using your best units

i now made canas a shaman yeah that was a mistake

no idea how do i edit promotion gains yet sorry for that

EDIT: ok the promotional gains should be fixed rn

I still haven’t switched to the new version but… why does Dart still has weapon level on axes?

Edit: yep, I tested and it’s the same in the new version.

update v.1.1.2
-added a little bit of difficulty on the late game chapters
-fixed dart’s weapon ranks

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Update v.1.2.0:
-fixing some weird bugs
-shop and chest changes
-lords stats changes
eliwood: +1 all stats and +1 skl, str
hector: +3 hp, str & def
lyn: +3 skl & spd
-minor generic unit stat changes
-spiking some difficulty on chapter 30 EHM, now the hardest chapter of the hack full of pre-promote units with siege tomes, berserks, killer/brave weapons and it’s boss

@redeyesblackdrag0n You always come up with amazing Ideas. I’m putting this on my next
Fire emblem game to play list.

Update v.1.2.1(important):
-fixed battle animations to some characters
-fixing huge difficulty jumps on eliwood hard

update v.1.2.2 (important update):
-couple of fixes on eliwood hm

glitches to keep in mind:
you must only promote eliwood after cog of destiny if on eliwood modes or it could revert back to lyn’s base class

the title says it all
stupid hack


Finally, I can use Amelia and Ewan without relying on the tower. Based.

made an update check it out

When Ross promotes he ends up having 0 hp.

(dies after 1 hit)