Recruiting team members for project. (Fire Emblem, Myth of Blight)

Be sure to read fully.

Hello, I am making this topic to ask those who
like to be a part of a team I’m getting together
to work with me on making this project as a way
of showing my love for Fire Emblem as well as
showing my appreciation for the community
and how it feels to a part of it.

If you like to be a part of this team, simply send me a direct message
asking what role you would like to take.

These are the roles for the hack.

Either you make them or have standard knowledge of what looks best, then your free to join this role.
Slots left. 0/3

Map maker.
If you know how to make a map or
know your way on how to make a map look a little better, then this role is happy to have you.
Slots left. 2/3

Writers/text editors.
I may have problems delivering the right sense of dialogue and have misspelled/bad grammar issues.
So having someone to help out with this one is greatly appreciated.
Slots left. 2/3

Composer/Music choice.
Whether you make music or know what track works best in certain moments,
then this role is yours to take.
Slots left. 3/3

Class and Weapon/Item manager.
If you know how to balance classes and weapons as well as have ideas on new weapons or implementing other weapons, then, by all means, join this role.
Slots left. 2/3

Chapter designer.
This one is important. If you know how to balance the gameplay with difficulty,
as well as, assigning chapter’s properly
with function and use of music and objective assigning.
Then we are pleased to have you here.
Slots left. 3/3

Event manager.
If you know how to make events such as, check if a flag is active or if the unit has a certain item in its inventory.
Then we need someone like you.
SLots left. 3/3

And finally, Playtesters.
Just someone who can find bugs that we can iron out and check if difficulty
is both fair but tough.
Slots left. 0/3

I’m asking the community because I don’t have a lot of friends in contact.
And I’m wanting this hack to be a sort of big goal to achieve but, to also give
something to the community one more time before I take a big break from this.
There is no time limit on this or anything like that.
You are free to work at your own pace.
For the hack will be passed around in
order of the role listings.
I have already done a bit of my part before I hand it off to an Artist I already have on this team.
But I am hoping to have more team members before the development can truly begin.

If you are wishing to add something or
change something in the hack, then
bring up the idea to me first so I understand what it is your wanting
to add/change.

Now and then we will host a meeting to discuss the direction of the hack.
Once the playtest of a chapter is complete and it is stable, we will begin
the next chapter cycle and go
do this in order again until
the hack is complete.

Again, if you wish to be a part of the team,
then send me a direct message asking what role you would want.
The topic will be updated regularly
as the slots for the roles are taken.
And the progress of the hack will also be displayed.

The main goal of the hack is
about game time and choice of gameplay approach. (For some chapters only)
As in, you choose how to play through the chapter.
Be it brute force or stealth.

The rest will be talked about on the server.

See you all soon!

BTW, this will be the world map used for cutscene purposes. In the same manner as FE6/7.


Good luck with the project.


My suggestion is to put your basic hack concepts so people can know what they’re going to work on. Screenshots, written concepts, anything that can pique people’s interest to help contributing on your hack, so they know what they’ll do after joining the team.

Best of luck with the project, btw!


Progress of the hack will be steady for everyone.
I will post updates when things get to a certain point.

I’ve to get out of the project for a while, sorry about the complaints.