[Recruiting] Elegy of the Wayfarer

I have received permission from the creator, Wayfaring Spartan to announce a project. This one is the development of a pirate-themed fan-game called Elegy of the Wayfarer. I am a co-developer for the game. I have been looking for any help, specifically sprite illustrators, interested in working on it. I have been doing all I can to aid the project’s development and I thought asking for help would be a logical next step. (Update: The creator is willing to pay for services.) The head of the project can be reached through Michael Harding’s discord server:

Mock-ups of character designs and other details in the project can be found here (yes, some stuff is in SoulCalibur, as our current character artist is a bit busy and hasn’t done all the artwork yet):

As of right now the plan is to make a main version on Lex Talionis engine to both drum up support and get a version of the game out there. We are also developing another version of the game with more mechanics using another engine, but this will probably take more time to do.

The story goes as follows:

In the days of old on the world of Unirae, there were three large islands that housed a hub of human civilization in the middle of the Iridescent Expanse. That was until three hundred years ago, when a great serpent rose from the sea and brought destruction upon the central island of Orobraltar for fifty years. After years of enduring the calamity, a coalition of nations was formed that sealed the serpent away with the power of the Sealing Star and the Sealing Spike. The sealing of the Serpent ended the Era of the Serpent’s Calamity, and brought forth a new era.

Nearly two hundred and fifty years later Unirae stands on the precipice of another cataclysm. The ever-watchful eye of Agaeliu Empire is set on the neighboring Orobraltar Archipelago. The Empire’s elite are planning an invasion to claim more land for the Empire’s expansive plantations. Those in power have seen the writings on the wall, recognizing the cycle of destruction beginning anew. All hope of averting this lies in the hands of the heir of the Grand Duchy of Devanin to the west, a Pirate Lord from the south, and the allies they gather. The destiny of these two lords and their followers are inexorably linked to the coming calamity, whether it is averted or not…


Given you yourself are not paying, nor do you know if the creator is, why even make this topic at this time? Additionally you haven’t linked us anything directly to this project and the creator isn’t on the forum.

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We had seen criticisms that the post did not have anything detailing the project so we updated it as soon as we saw that. I am unsure how to link things on this platform, so I cannot link the dropbox with story and character renders unfortunately. We have been working on story-building for the better part of a year and recently decided to get into development. I wanted to test the waters to see if anyone would be interested in helping this project.

Hello, I’m the creator. I am willing to pay so I apologize for any confusion.

It’s more there is nothing to go off of other than a dump of text; linking the project’s home site, the discord channel, those YouTube videos, those would be more beneficial than just a bunch of descriptions.
Also confused why you switch back and forth between “I” and “we”; are you directly involved with this project or are you just someone who was interested in drumming up attention?

@WayfaringSpartan Hello, welcome to the forum. If you decide on making a formal topic here, you may do so in the projects sub section as this section is more or less used for advertising third party sites (op is using it correctly).

Neither of you most likely have permissions yet to link or upload images, but after about a week of being active, that should resolve itself.


Well originally it is @WayfaringSpartan 's project. I helped contribute a few ideas here and there, but mainly it is his project. I am co-developing the game with building it in an engine, but @WayfaringSpartan is the head honcho for the project. The reason I use “we” is that the community is rather involved and excited for the project to come to life. I use “I” whenever I act independently of the community but with permission of Spartan. I usually like to spread word about it when I can.