Recording and editing videos


Hey guys :wave:

I plan on making an animation showcase for the coming FEE3 but I’ve never done something like this.
Do you have any advice on which software I should use or what I have to consider in general?

thanks in advance


Try OBS Studio, it’s a free software.


Recording: OBS is free and has plenty options, it’s the way to go.
Editing: since it’s just an animation showcase, something like windows movie maker can do the job, but if you prefer something more advanced, you’re either gonna have to get your wallet out, or “legally” get them. personally, I use sony vegas pro, but I’ve heard good things about adobe premiere pro.

Hope this helped!


thanks u two :thumbsup:

What rules are to observe regarding music?


Probably copyright
I’m fairly certain most video game music is fine if you make it clear in the description who owns the music. I would avoid mainstream music in general unless you want to pay for the licensing.

I’m not certain though, don’t take my word for fact D:


thanks man :ok_hand:

I hope I’ll get it done by the 30th xD


Hitfilm requires a bulky Computer, but it’s advanced AND free


In my personal experience, Camtasia is one of the easiest things I’ve ever used. HMU on Discord if you want tips.