Rebuild FE6 in FE8 (RE6)

I’m trying to recreate all FE6 in FE8, I’m getting excited with the progress.


Patch Here is the link to download the patch (must be applied to an FE8 USA ROM).
Credits Here I will leave a link to a file with the credits of everything I have used from the repository (PS: I don't have it yet, I will try to do it before launching chapter 2).
RAR In this section, I'll put a link with a rarity in which the patch and credits will be sold.


Known Mistakes Small errors when changing screens. Reloading units after changing screens (although not a big problem, it just makes it take longer). Limitation of supports to only 7 although some characters have 10. Bugs still to be fixed during Roy's Death Quote.
Assets Here I leave a link to go to a Google Drive folder where is everything you use if it is not from the repository. They're my own, I got them from several roms or I created them myself [Link](
Ideas Create an infantry class promotion for Roy.

I accept suggestions and support for this project, I hope you enjoy it.

PS: I will try to make everything as polished as possible

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