Real Cash Money prize Contests, With rules now

Alright, since no one knows me, I will explain a bit about myself.
I currently work in the mortgage industry, I have 16 employees.
I make decent money for someone who did not go to college.
I have been married before.

I am a simi accomplished portrait maker myself in the Mugen community:

I have been spriting since 2009 and I am self taught.
If I wanted to make portraits, I have the skills to do that and would because I can.
I am currently involved in a handful of projects and I have sponsored two of them
one was called KOFE:

another KOF mugen game:
(had to post like that, it would error out for some reason, just copy the link)

He streams weekdays from 3pm to 6pm CST, you can literally get on his stream and ask him about me and if I am a trustworthy person.

This man works for me as the lead coder, I have another coder that streams as well and a part-time spriter on the project.

I also commissioned the creation of a character called Reiji Oogami as a full sprite set that was completed in 2016. by the way, KOF sprites are not cheap to commission.

Yes, none of that Is Fire Emblem related.

I love the FE sprite styles, both the portraits and battle sprites, particularly the ones from FE6, FE7 and FE8.
I draw them in my spare time if I am not feeling inspired to make mugen portraits.

Now lets talk about this contest since people have trouble understanding that they may meet someone who is just generous.

And since everyone wants more limitations then I will add some.

                             CONTEST CRITERIA:  

We will go with what I suggested before: Royalty, that means making mugs of emperors, kings, queens, counts, barons and anyone of general nobility, in other words, upper classes/ruling classes.
(All ages and genders will be acceptable.)

Portrait style:
FE7 and FE8, these are my favorite so we will go with this first.

Original portraits are best
splicing is acceptable to a degree, it must appear to be an original character or very clear effort is applied to the portrait’s creation with some original parts.
(you guys know your community, if you believe something is stolen, please speak up, I am a reasonable person.)

1st place = $30
2nd place = $20
3rd Place = $10

Up to 12 Honorable mentions will be awarded $5

Note, first place, second place and third place cannot be won by the same person but a winner of one of the bigger prizes can still qualify for up to 3 honorable mentions.
I.E 1 person has the potential to win up to $45 if they win first place and also win 3 honorable mentions.

Payment method will be Paypal, if a winner does not have Paypal, message me and we can work something out.

Time frame:
begins Sunday, June 14th
Ends Saturday, June 19th at midnight.

At this point I will be the judge, all the money is coming out of my pocket and based on my background and experience I believe I am qualified.
Bear in mind that I will keep a close attention to the likes from the community to each portrait and will have some impact on my decision making.
I will listen and consider opinions, especially if a portrait receives overwhelming positive feedback.
I also do not know anyone here so I will not be bias, even to the people that clowned on this thread and did not take it serious in the first place, I harbor no hard feelings and would be excited to see true participation.
I will take in to consideration when something is more technical and visual but originality while still falling into FE7 and FE8 styles is where the most win is going to be.

There was a very good question posed by “Feels”
“Are all entries considered free2use, free2edit, or just the ones you’ve paid for?”

This is a great question, when you post a portrait, I would prefer it to be free2use and free2edit.
However, I would like to leave that up to the discretion of the poster, this will not impact prize winning.

please message me if you believe I have not covered something that any of you would believe to be a good rule.




My first full custom. I am a prodigy and did not seek outside help.



not bad, it looks like it came right out of the 7 siblings hack I saw the other day.



jattwood where’s my dislike button


H-Hi! This is my submission, pls don’t judge uwu. This is my OC, he’s the son of my favorite ship, Sans x Komaeda (uwu). He has super epic ether energy abilities and the ability to alter the replication rate of mathematics ether energy. He is nobility and is aweomse and has a cool sword that’s noble and cool and it’s on fire (it’s blue so it’s cooler) and he can turn into fire (blue) and like yeah.


i’m gonna exhaust all my daily likes on this thread aren’t i


Here’s some old, kinda crummy sprites of mine.
hawke brent_1

With that said, I recommend looking at Mugging Blitzes if you’re in need of sprites. If you’re looking for a specific one and you have the money to spare, there are many great spriters in the community that do commissions.


Thank you for positing those, I don’t actually need anything.
I have seen all the blitzes and they are all great, it was one of the reasons why I wanted to do this.
I was hoping to encourage others and I really like seeing new creations and I wanted to reward the great artists here for putting in effort.

Based on some of the responses I may have to reformat the criteria, I wanted it to be really open but I am not sure how this was interpreted so negatively.

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The problem is you joined literally 4 hours ago and wanted to make a vague contest with cash prizes. No one is going to take you seriously, and the idea as a whole (for a member to pay out prizes for contests and not the forum itself) is not only uncommon but uncomfortable for a lot of people.
While I don’t think you had malicious intent, you should discuss this privately with the staff of the forum before re-trying this idea.
And also be an normal active member that people can have some sort of trust in.


Understandable, got excited and moved forward with it.
Been visiting this place for a while but never registered so I get it.

Yes it is uncommon, people don’t like putting money into anything.
I usually commission people but I didn’t want people to make something for me and I didn’t want anything specific.
I have sponsored mugen projects the same way and they were much tougher projects.

Anyone have any suggestions that would make this comfortable?

Maybe you could ask the staff to make it a sitewide event?

And also not do it here, probably just PM a staff member

This is interesting, for sure, and welcome to the community.

I guess I have some reservations myself (though I’m an old fogey who’s run a share of contests, both reward-incentive and not).
-What sort of timeframe/deadline/quota would you have per round?
-Would every round have at least one prize?
-Presuming you’d just work with your client to determine a means of payment? (Paypal, business bux, giftcards whatnot)
-Are all entries considered free2use, free2edit, or just the ones you’ve paid for?

Since this is money motivated I think it’d be considerate to contact the staff and get the okay (I know if you get into official legalese of prize contests there’s a whole lot of rules to follow). Since you’re new I don’t know what it’d entail. Kind of you to offer to host this type of thing, though, curious to see how it all pans out.


isn’t this just a commission with extra steps?


I have contacted “Camdar”

Thank you for the help.

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I’m not asking for work to be done for me.
I don’t know what to classify it as.

Make Really nice portrait/Mug and get some money for the hell of it.

I think feels makes a ton of great points, but to reiterate, I think if you want people to take this seriously, the first post needs to have clear expectations, guidelines, and criteria for submissions so that people know what to make and what’s at stake for winning.

Def talk with Cam first and hash out details of what this would entail and if it makes sense for us to host here, but I’d also recommend looking at some other similar contests that are held here and elsewhere to gauge how to best put something like this together.


You are right, I am waiting on Cams input before changing it.